Onboarding people to NFTs via wedding favors


We’re getting married and just minted 100 NFTs on Near to give away as wedding favors with @starpause’s help. We’re very new to the Near ecosystem but it seems easy enough to use that many of the wedding guests will actually be able to receive an NFT by the end of the ceremony. We’re planning to direct them to wallet.near.org to create a new wallet, then link it to a new account at paras.id, and then give us their NEAR name so we can transfer one of these NFTs to them.

The NFTs are live here: https://paras.id/token/bafybeigugj2ls3hnmdu7hcbeczevlhl5efn66jclxenc2grbu45jcsf4gy.

They won’t be sold, only given away to guests.

Would appreciate any suggestions, happy to explore turning this into a guild/DAO. Today’s our date so I’ll go back to wedding prep mode!


Brilliant initiative and it’s also exciting that you’ll be holding multiple weddings, so futuristic! For reference here is the DAO proposal to get chainado funding for their wedding favors giveaway (just covering gas with this ammount, we can talk about how to build this out even futher :blush:):

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Thanks! Small update here: we celebrated another wedding with kids! We had guests (including ourselves) draw squiggles on paper rectangles and passing them around, thus co-creating 6 pieces of art. We then took turns describing the pieces of paper and made NFT cards with the unique images and descriptions.

You can find the collection here:

Suggestions / iterations welcome!