[Proposal] Guinness NFT Drop phase 1 (April - May 2023)

Report link: Announcement.

Hello, creatives.

From our recent attainment of the GWR is the highly anticipated Guinness NFT drop, where songs from 29 of our participating artists will be minted and sold on Mintbase also, the awarding of Guinness certificates to our victorious artist participants.

This is a 2-in-1 project.


  1. Acquire Guinness world record certificates for participating artists
  2. Build anticipation for NFT drop
  3. Unveiling of our new project “Blaqk stereo music” to be built on Near
  4. Increase Near intractability through our various strategic projects.


  • Increased Interaction with Near Social, Astro and Mintbase.
  • Addition of New on-chain members to Blaqk stereo Astro
  • More Near Awareness through event and marketing campaigns.
  • NFT drop of 29 songs to our store post awareness.
  • Collaboration with a Dao.
  • Generate content for our Youtube


April - May 2023

Build awareness music NFT drop and Official drop of our Guinness NFT collection.

Budget break-down:

Item description price $USD
Guinness certificates for the participants 820
T-shirts Near branded T-shirts for 32 people ($5 per shirt) 160
Studio space hire for video documentary Studio is ($50) an hour, total shoot duration 9hrs 450
29 artists individual digital artwork for Near social 450
Video Video documentary of journey so far on youtube and Near social 500
Banner banner with design 120
further music NFT mastering further music NFT clean up 500
Total ----------------------------- 3,000
Cert. cart image

Payout request: $3,000


Hey, @Hawwal could you please provide information on where the following funds will go? Will the wallets claiming these amounts do so via your DAO?

Also, could you please elaborate more on the expected metrics below, especially on interaction with NEAR Social?

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Hello @Paul
Thanks for the review on our proposal. All funding for this project will be executed on Astro Dao. There are respective wallets belonging to Blaqk Stereo community members who will carry out the various tasks to ensure it comes out a success. Nothing in this project will be out sourced to people outside our ecosystem.
Lemme give a breakdown of the respective community members to carry out the tasks:

  • T-shirts: @TIMI timiphoenix.near

  • Digital art NFT for 29 artists: Marvelgreyart.near check out his IG here

  • Studio & Video: @Hawwal hawwal.near You can check my portfolio here

  • Further Mastering: @cotmusic (Which he will be supervising)

  • Guinness: @Hawwal (I’ll handle the receiving of the certs. for the artists).
    Here’s the Image crop below


The reason for this delegation is for accountability to ensure the funds are disbursed to the dedicated allocations. As we are a result oriented community.

In the coming weeks, we as a community intend, pushing majority of our traffic to Near social and this is our first major breakthrough content we desire our community to interact with as we engage and build in Near social. We don’t intend abandoning web2 media completely like twitter and the likes but our target is to drive engagement through this major content (which is the first ever Guinness world record NFT mint to Near). We will also be hosting weekly pop quizzes and weekly rewards for our most committed community members who are constantly interacting and getting the most awareness on “Near social” these amongst other things are plans we have in store for Near Social. We pulled it off in Astro Dao in the shortest minimal time possible and we will definitely pull this off on Near social. In relation to this (post the delivery of these contents), I’ll be having further discussions with @vandal regarding this historic mint as I reached out to him a while back to get he’s expertise onboard. I do hope he won’t be too busy to aid us. :slight_smile: Thank you :pray:t5: