[Proposal] Funding request to develop 'Liquid Membership' concepts for the SpaceRanch project

Demo of concepts developed at NEARcon 2022:

Live Demo on testnet @ spacedao.xyz

I am requesting funding for the next development milestones for our ‘Liquid Membership’ governance concepts.

We have demonstrated a feature where after a successful purchase of the membership tier NFT, an ‘Add New Member’ proposal is generated on AstroDAO which allows the new member to be voted in.

There are several more features we would like to build, such as automations for discord - and a dashboard which interacts with AstroDAO and other ecosystem applications.

We have applied for the NEAR grant on August 2nd, and reaching out for some support so that we may continue development!!

What is the usage/advantage of ‘Liquid Membership’?

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Liquid Membership is the processes that enable participants to opt in and Out of an organization, and participate in governance and bounties at their

  • Allows the organization to prioritize managing the Tasks

  • Encourages individuals to become Autodidactic collaborators

  • Enables Holocratic governance principles

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Hey guys,

This is Cindy from the Funding Team at NF. I have just reached out on the telegram.

Our team has completed all initial eligibility reviews from the point of 25 August 2022. We might face some delays from the ones post that point of time - especially post NEARCON.

Kindly get in touch with me through telegram @aiyahshiba9234 .



With the starter grant we were able to grow our space industry rolodex which includes four launch companies that are able to reach orbit, satellite companies, and data/analytics companies.

Additionally that funding helped us with some of the development for the MVP for SpaceDAO.xyz. Sidenote, the liquid membership concepts where we bridged the Mintbase and AstroDAO ecosystems we developed at NEARcon.

By the time we deployed the starter grant it was about $4000 USD of value due to market conditions. $1500 on building space industry relationships, and $2300 on MVP development. I think we accomplished a lot with such a limited budget! We were also able to validate our proof case for alternative fundraising and membership within the space industry - as retention of talent and raising capital is a common pain point among new space companies.

Imagine what we could build with the next $25,000 grant!

We have the resources of the University of Wyoming. There are both the blockchain club and blockchain minor program available with a brain trust of professors, experts, and students ready to get their hands dirty. There is a growing talent pool and interest in the program overall. Our office is at the Wyoming Technology Business Center on campus with direct access to these resources. We intend to engage interns from the university - which will be compensated by the state up to $10,000!

We have the support of the secretary of state, with the DAO LLC business designation and compliance sandboxing opportunities.

We’re also one of the only DAOs in the world to have a real world bank account, where we can function as a liquidity rail between protocol funding and real world infrastructure, payroll, etc.

Our request for financial resources will be primarily used to build out DAO tooling and user experience for governance and participation through a discord bot and dashboard that integrates various smart contracts and ecosystem applications. We see chat based governance as something worth exploring and would like to develop this IP for the benefit of other DAOs on NEAR.

Thank you for your consideration, and looking forward to your support of our continued efforts building within the NEAR ecosystem