[proposal] funding for mãe solteira records' 1st anniversary party

Mãe Solteira Records DAO

Project: “ROTTURA” - Mãe Solteira Records 1st Anniversary x International Women’s Day Celebration


Women, BIPOC & LGBTQIA+ communities have always been in a subaltern place in society. Mãe Solteira Records, as you come to know, is a label dedicated to the edition, agency and promotion of artists that are from these communities.

We’re already into the NEAR ecosystem for a while now, in the Forum, Astro DAO and MintBase. We keep playing at NEAR organized events: Astrea recently played on the last Muti’s Party at cryptovoxels, and we’ve also put more NFTs for sale on our MintBase Store, splitting the royalties with the artist’s own NEAR wallet. On a side note, our latest event was the at a Launch Party of a music VA compilation named “Memory Palace”, powered by NEAR Protocol, which was a success! We created and onboarded on that event 5 more NEAR wallets.

This month, we’re happy to announce the 1st Anniversary of Mãe Solteira Records, which coincides with the celebration of the International Women’s Day. For our anniversary party, we thought of a well prepared event called “ROTTURA”, in collaboration with Mergulho Urbano Collective, who gave us the opportunity to do this event, and Arroz Estúdios.

From the label resident artists to special guests and even new discoveries, this event contemplates a women based line-up with multiple activities that go from live-concerts to DJ sets, and even Italian artisanal pizza, made in a firewood oven by “Passion of Christ Pizzeria”.

The various artists chosen for the line-up have also developed new musical and non-musical work to be presented at this specific event.

The name “ROTTURA” came from our desire to break the standards and norms of the unequal society we live in. We remind you that Mãe Solteira Records was created on International Women’s Day, which also celebrates a worldwide rupture in the way women were treated and seen. It was all of us, women, who created this disruption and created some space for our freedom and equality (where we continue to walk and fight for).

“Rotura” is also the name of a film directed by Ana Hatherly, one of the most prestigious Portuguese artists, who worked in other artistic fields, such as cinema, plastic arts, having also been a teacher. The name made more and more sense!

As the invitation to curate this event was given to us by Massimiliano Sarta from Mergulho Urbano who is Italian, the sonority of the language has been very present in our minds, which is why we decided to call the event “ROTTURA”.

In short, we hope to be able to perpetuate these artists’ music and, at the same time, we want to onboard more people, and help the NEAR Ecosystem to grow. This way, we thought of asking NEAR to fund this event due to all that it stands for!

The Anniversary Party will be at Arroz Estúdios, a cultural association based in Beato, Lisboa, on 12th of march, from 9pm to 4pm. This space is also into NEAR Ecosystem and receives payments in NEAR.

The event will be produced and curated by Mãe Solteira Records’ Team and Mergulho Urbano Team, accordingly. We also want to have Tolga Arslan (@squattingpigeon) present to be onboarding people on NEAR.

We believe this event will help us to continuously diffuse the NEAR Protocol project. If you approve our funding, we will also put the NEAR’s logo on the Anniversary Party’s poster and on the respective social media promotional content.

The funding requested:

Lives and DJ sets*: 840€ ≈ 921.31$

Mãe Solteira Records Production custs**: 40€
€ ≈ 43.87$

Pizzaria “Passion of Christ” expenses**** : 230€ ≈ 252.26$

Design: 100€ ≈ 109.68$

Onboarding (3 hours // 20$ per hour): 60$

Airdrops*****: 2N

Venue payment: 200€ ≈ 219.36$

[conversation of euro to dollar made on wednesday 9th march 11:22 on xe.com]

TOTAL: 1 606.48$

The funding would go to our AstroDAO: maesolteirarecs.sputnik-dao.near

  • Lives and DJ sets
  • 21:00 - 21:45 Musas do Absurdo (the band is composed by 9 female artists who will do a 45 minutes MPB live concert): 90€

  • 21:45 - 23:15 Latina Turner (90 minutes DJ set): 100€

  • 23:15h - 00:00h G FEMA [G FEMA (300€)+ ASTREA (DJ - 50€)] 45 minutes live concert): 350€

  • 00:00h - 02:00h N▲N▼ (2 hours DJ set): 150€

  • 02:00h - 04:00h TAXSH (2 hours DJ set): 150€

TOTAL = 840€

** Mãe Solteira Records custs for this event will be only the Kassia’s train trips from Porto to Lisbon and from Lisbon to Porto.

*** Pizzaria “Passion of Christ” expenses

  • Dough ingredients = 25€

  • Ingredients for pizza= 106€

  • Electricity + Firewood Oven= 15€

  • Professional staff paid 10€ per hour

  • 2 employees Hours 11.30
    TOTAL = €230

  • 2h dough preparation

  • 2h pizzeria and oven preparation

  • 6 h opening during event (21.00/03.00)

  • 1.5 h close/clean pizzeria

  • This will be also the dinner for the staff and artists

**** We have created 5 wallets on the last event. This event will happen in a bigger venue and more people, so we’re asking 2N to open wallets with 0.1N, and we’ll give a discount on pizzas (5€ instead of 9€) to everyone who opens a wallet.

We hope you like our project and agree with our budget, so we can have a great and successful party with such symbolising meanings and, of course, that we can bring more people to the NEAR Ecosystem! :heartbeat:


:fire::fire::fire: excited to host you again

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Thank you very much, Steven!

Hey @maesolteirarecs,

nice to see more events happening. At this point the City Node DAO has only 425 USD (at the tome of this post) left. Therefore it will not be possible to fund the full project.

Given that this seems like a DAO collaboration I would also suggest that the funding can be split between the different DAOs to adjust the value.


Thank you for your clarification, Tabea! We talked in the last Creatives DAO community meeting about requesting help from the Arroz DAO for the funding and reduce the venue cost, which they didn’t approve.
For now, we edited this proposal, lowering the total budget and scrapping some ideas to better fit this proposal.
What do you think?


Ola bom dia :sun_with_face:

From the Arroz Criativo side, I’m not the one judging the proposals but I would imagine the DAO would be happy to fund an event like this in the future. Worth knowing that DAO budgets are submitted at the start of the month so we’re not able to on such a short timeline.

From the venue perspective, we can’t really remove the hire fee at this short notice as we need to cover costs for equipment, staffing etc

Hope this comes to life in the future :+1:t4:

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thanks for the replies. As previously mentioned the city Node currently would not have had enough funds to cover the full event. I would suggest for further events to send proposals at the beginning of the month to have enough time for edits and adjustments if needed.

Also keep in mind that mãe solteira can request funding for creative projects from the Creatives DAO.

Looking fwd seeing more projects & collabs come to life :slight_smile:

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