Atelier Techne Studio - Guild

Atelier Techne Studio “GUILD”

Guild Name: Atelier Techne Studio (ATS)

Guild Leader: @frado.near

Guild Astro-DAO Address: atelier-techne-studio-guild.sputnik-dao.near

DAO Address: fradao.sputnik-dao.near

Guild Location: Global

Guild Communication all Channels: @fradomnt

@Jessica @David_NEAR @Grace
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Guild Details:

The Atelier Techne Studio will be responsible for outreaching the NEAR ​​

community on the blockchain, with the intention of making entrepreneurs

and developers aware of the NEAR grant program, as well as the

support and tools available to develop in NEAR.

• Develop creative and educational projects in the NEAR protocol

• Provide educational and creative support to our female and elderly artists. Running creative workshops to get them out of the technological and social vulnerability zone.

• Keep the Guild with a qualified knowledge

• Keep DAO´s equipment up to date with NEAR demands

• Pass qualified opportunities to the NEAR core team for possible grants

• Enroll at NEAR university and seek certification with members of our Guild and fraDAO.

• Promote awareness of the near ecosystem and share project value with other DAO. Example: seek marketing partners, hire fraDAO and Atelier Techne Studio Guild logo and visual identity creation.


This guild is for community members who are looking to dedicate themselves fully to NEAR. We need these people to develop the first creative and educational projects to reach young women and over 50s. The first projects will focus on women artists with technological vulnerability, we will use the NEAR protocol to empower these women and recycle their empowering capabilities. In a second moment, we will do it with all genders and age, which are the majority of Blockchain users. If we take care of our elders, we will have the most consistent and strongest NEAR ecosystem, these women will be the multipliers in spreading NEAR. The person responsible for the Guild, frado.near, has been dedicated to the arts since he was 4 years old and knows most of the artists, whether from the plastic arts, creative coders, curators, audiovisual or music that live in rio de janeiro - Brazil. Our members will always be willing to learn and collaborate with developers / entrepreneurs, with the ultimate goal being a conversation with the NEAR core team and a grant given to the developer / entrepreneur to develop NEAR.

So if you think you have the following skills, this might be the guild for you:

• Extend and collaborate with the NEAR blockchain ecosystem.

• Ability to communicate effectively with Developers / Entrepreneurs in NEAR forums

• Be honest, dedicated, artistic or financially talented and responsible for meeting deadlines and accountability

How it work:

Like a pen drive inserted in a USB hub, our workflow and development of artistic experiences connect with other communities to obtain a high quality experience with NEAR´s users and core. With over 11 years of experience in remote projects, Atelier Techne Studio developed creatives experience in Music, Web Radio, Audio/video, NFT, VR, artistic experiences with interactive and multi sensory works, connecting to large companies, music distributors, museums, art galleries, cultural festivals, Olympic/Paralympic ceremonies, concert house, branding experience, Film making and interactive works of art for museums, for over 20 years.

Our values are: ethics, commitment, sustainability, innovation, fraternity, community, meditation and global awareness.

For more information:


Ultimately, this guild aims to augment the NEAR ecosystem, starting with women artists in the first 3 months and then men during a year. We will create workshops using EXPERIENCE DESIGN to develop NFTs, create a web radio in partnership with existing music DAO, Videos, music support to other existing DAO, create experiments and art festivals using the NEARverse Metaverse (NEAR hub), augmenting the network effects of applications developed in NEAR

• Our Guild and fraDAO, have Atelier ; Audio Studio for mixing and mastering; Video studio and editing room, for all our projects.

“We also have conference rooms available by renting up to 80 people and cinema room for 20 people.”

• We are here to respect all Guilds and DAO, we are not interested in competing with any one, nor taking the place of the older ones, just collaborating with our NEAR network.

• Our artistic and technical qualifications have already been part of the Olympic and Paralympic ceremonies, the most important museums in Rio de Janeiro, art galleries, brands with Rio Carnival, as well as co-authorships with great national and international artists and we keep this quality.

• Our projects are aligned with emerging user growth goals – namely, more portfolios, transactions and visibility.

• With our creative autonomy, we have projects for over 02 years, but we are open to our ecosystem for partnerships and collaborations.

• We will always think with monthly values up to a maximum of our tier.

If you have an idea or a pitch for a project, enter our VR gallery and let’s hangout in our V.R. space.

and click in: “join the room” and after choice your microphone.

You are welcome!




I sent all documents to @Jessica email, with google drive link to @David_NEAR .

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I will send a Road Map in ASAP. :alarm_clock: