[PROPOSAL] Four Papers on Art, Philosophy and Technology (Third edition)

Production of four papers on the intersection between art, philosophy and technology to be published on The Philosophers DAO website and blog.

benefit/justification: the benefits of the project are: to produce content for the website and blog of The Philosophers DAO, increasing the traffic of people and thus attracting artists, philosophers and other researchers to join the DAO and the NEAR Ecosystem. For this, we will make a public call for the production of four papers of up to 1500 words on the following topics: art, philosophy and/or technology.

The project: Interested candidates must submit an abstract to the NEAR Forum (in response to the Proposal for this project) within five days of the publication of the public call. Selected candidates must deliver the papers by August 30, 2022 for publication on the website. Three authors will be selected and each one will receive the amount of 100usd in Near.


Until September 15: Publication of the Public Call.

September 21: Publication of results.

September 30: Receipt of papers.

Octubre 01: Payment of authors and preparation of the report.

Subtotal: 400 USD


Project Report

Status: Completed


Bounty generated by the project:

Project Accounting:

We released a bounty for choosing 4 philosophical papers on Art, Philosophy, Culture, and/or Technology, and mint them as NFTs, in order to stimulate the philosophers to use the blockchain and the development of NFTs from writing material. We’ve chosen the papers through telegram and we confirmed it on astro.

We minted 4 NFTs (50 copies each, half for the dao) from the chosen papers, with royalties and revenues divided between the philosophers and the dao. Each writer received 100 usd in near.

Payout to the winners

(4 members of the community receiving 100 usd in Near each):





Updated Project Timeline:

The project was completed in the appropriate time.

Highlights and Final Products:

We could produce 4 papers on philosophy and 4 NFTs on Mintbase, with revenue and royalties split among the writer and the dao.

27.77 NEAR distributed to the community






The project was ok, but we had not so much time to develop it. For a text bounty, a fair amount of people participated. The winning texts are also being shared on our blog: https://thephilosophersdao.org/blog/

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