[PROPOSAL] Experience Design for NFT - February - 2022

Workshop Experience designer for NFT and Infrastructure for 2022.

Hi Creative DAO,

Name: Frado

Account: frado.near

Council: frado.near (as Frado) and hiimf.near (as Flora)

Timeline requesting: Monthly

Target DAO: fradao.sputnik-dao.near

Report previous: [REPORT] UPDATE workshop experience design for nft

Project : Workshop of Experience Design for NFT – (only Woman’s/trans)

Now with the experience of having executed a project of Experience Design for NFT within the NEAR protocol, I know exactly the great demand of work that requires, infrastructure, creation of a small team of 3 tutors (own councils), graphic materials, informative, dissemination, attention retention, tipbot and value to be charged for the proposal.

As per the Roadmap 2022, I am interested in attracting a community with quality and artistic experience to our ecosystem, not just in attracting artists to the onboarding process and focus on the store/marketplaces itself. I know that there is a limit of space in the stores created within mintbase, I invested in a store called “Techne”( techne.mintbase1.near), to do the workshop and facilitate the report, besides paying 6,5 N for the creation of the mintabase store, we had to pay an additional cost to acquire more space and continue the past workshop. This cost will be added of 6,5 N + additional 5N to have enough space for continuity and to facilitate the report.

The first edition of the Workshop was only with elderly women/trans aged 90,80,70,60,50,40 and 30. My focus is on attracting women/trans who are technologically and socially vulnerable to NEAR protocol and ecosystem. I came from a family of artists, and have experienced the transition from analog to digital, both in graphic arts and music. I have seen great artists and sound engineers become obsolete with the requirement of graphic arts and phonograms being required digitally.

Furthermore, I know the pain that those gentlemen suffered in the transition from analog to digital. Now I am witnessing this same transition, and I cannot stand idly by in the face of this pain that Web3 will cause thousands of artists who are not prepared for this art and digital transition.

The first step of the workshop is inside a virtual reality environment, which we use as a classroom, besides all participants having 24/7 access, they always end up attracting new people to this virtual room and promoting our network. The importance of starting in this VR environment, is that we need to know about this at the end of the workshop, because we have a virtual gallery generated by mintbase/3XR, at mintbase store. It is very satisfying to arrive at the end of the workshop and see our ancients accessing these exhibition galleries, from mintbase, without needing any help, since this workshop prepares for the metaverse as well.

The February edition of the Experience design for NFT workshop will take place with 2 simultaneous classes, one with 12 vulnerable artists and another 12 advanced artists. Totaling 24 women/trans artists. I will be joined by women who did the first edition, who excelled in learning and making.

Week 01:

Outreach, curation, onboarding of 1NEAR and splitting the Classes between advanced and beginner.

Week 02:

04 meetings totaling 10 hours of experience design workshop within the metaverse created.

Start of the telegram group, where we will have activities related to the creative process, web3 questions, information about the NEAR protocol, REF finance, PARAS, PLUMINITE, MINTBASE and the experience design pillars.

Week 03:

Creative process and art direction on the PARAS; PLUMINITE; MINTBASE platforms.

Week 04:

MINT process on the 03 platforms PARAS; PLUMINITE; MINTBASE and sales extension/dissemination/marketing.

To facilitate the report, We will create this dynamic:
After the participating made the 3 MINT of the NFTs in our 3 stores, will be creating a remix from a graphic image by fra-DAO, with the NEAR logo and with the phrase written on that card that will have to be minted in PARAS: “workshop of XP Design for NFT - FEB-2022” , the artist will have to remix this NFT and write over the card with his artistic name and near account. The artists who complete this action and mint at PARAS, we will buy for 1 Near that minted NFT, this will serve as a Workshop certificate and help in the monthly report. Then these purchased NFTs will be sending to the fra-DAO, at AstroDAO, further facilitating the proof of execution of the project.
like this simple example:

With the experience of the past workshop, it was clear that the level of interaction in this workshop, look like any telegram channel service 24/7. There are many hours of dedication, many questions to answer and much content to share.

I believe this is a solid way to create a collaborative and consistent community within our ecosystem.
:woman_student: :woman_student:t6: :woman_student:t4:

02 Classes of Workshop XP Design for NFT: 2.236 USD
Onboarding for each 25 participants: 50 Near ( 600 USD. )
Mintbase infrastructure: 6,5N + 5N (extra space) = 11,5 N ( 138 USD )
Council JAN / FEV work : ZERO

Total amount: 2.974 USD

(near approx = 12usd)

If anyone has any questions, I’m available to clarify.
If you want to know some of my work, I recommend the site:



Hello there!

Thanks for your proposal! :slight_smile:

We would like to ask for you to create separate proposals for each project included in this proposal. For example: Infrastructure, Workshop etc should be separate projects. Very small priced projects such as the “Tip-bot” can be grouped together or included in another proposal as to not overwhelm you or the forum.


ok i will create this ! thanks for help me!


Well done @frado

Nice touch with the NFT as receipt. Wondering if this mechanism could be adopted at other procedures.

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Your idea! about send nft to astro-DAO. I only think in other method to facilitate the report, and create a method to avoid evasion, creating this dynamic to buy all NFT´s participants of workshop and creating a minted certificated. We need your feedback too, about the benefices to send to our astro-DAO.
You always had a genius idea! Thanks, @duOCELOT

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I got only one question @adrianseneca .
I need a “web server” and “Canvas Pro service” to use in workshop too.
no problem to split them, in two propose?


You can put “web server” and “canvas pro service” under whatever proposal you’ll need them for - so if you need them for the Workshop place them under the Workshop proposal!

Here is a good example of how a proposal with proper separate linked projects looks: [APPROVED] CUDO DAO February budget overview


Hey @adrianseneca i did ASAP.
Follow the link: [PROPOSE] fra-DAO - February budget overview

Thanks for all !

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Thank you! Please link your individual projects to this proposal to keep with the proposal guidelines.

After considering your proposal further and seeing that this is a new DAO, we would like to make you aware of the NF rule that limits new DAOs to $2000 in funding for their first proposal. Unless someone in the DAO has proven work in another DAO in the NEAR ecosystem, we would like to kindly request that you limit this month’s budget to $2000 to keep things reasonable and in accordance with NF standard.

You can look at the funding tiers here: Guilds' Tiering System: An evolutionary Path for Community Development

This leads me to suggest that your other DAO members engage here with the forums so the community can get to know them and build trust with your team!

Thank you @adrianseneca .
Prove like that : [REPORT] UPDATE workshop experience design for nft

if need more information iam here to clarify.
Thanks again

I´d like to annoucemt that my DAO and Guild never received council payment, i can´t force my team to stay here everyday for free, but i report them every week. I´m here evereday for free, check my status please.
We are serious and professional

Thanks for your help and patience