[PROPOSAL] Developing LEAFES fab - all-in-one NFT fabless ecosystem for the fashion production industry


We’re team members of LEAFES Fab - an all-in-one NFT fabless ecosystem for the fashion production industry. While working with Fashion production, we have found that the industry needs unified open standards for 3D fashion modeling, digital manufacturing and creators IP rights protection.
LEAFES Fab - an ecosystem for designers, vendors, manufacturers and B2B customers. A real time 3D visualization for lightweight modeling, IP asset forming, create NFT container for IP rights protection. Registered digital NFT model is uploaded to a platform for physical manufacturing and protects the creator’s IP rights through the OEM/ODM whole process.
We plan to use the NEAR protocol to speed up the development platform and in the future we plan to follow an open source approach and perform functions for the development of the Web3 community in the Fashion industry.

Key features of LEAFES Fab

  • 3D visualization for lightweight modeling
  • Digital Twin & Cloud Digital Thread for realistic modelling
  • NFT container for IP rights protection
  • Smart contracts for fast track deals and financial operations
  • End-to End Quality Management for manufacturing
  • Open source platform for next fashion generation (smart garments)
  • The basic algorithms for an Integrated Supply Chain

The “LEAFES Fab” MVP platform includes the subsystems “Technology”, "Data Management (Blockchain) and 3D modeling/XR (VR/AR virtual and augmented reality).

Why now?

  • There is no DAO-based Guild focused on the NFT Fashion Industry.
  • Huge Metaverse NFT market for digital garments and goods
  • Interoperability NFT token for IP rights protection and cross-chain exchange.


Our mission is to accelerate manufacturing transformation into an open Web3 ecosystem model and help fabs overcome old-school obstacles to innovation and growth. Next our mission is to create a Fashion guild for NEAR (NFT, tokenisation, IoT for Smart Garments).
We believe that our LEAFES Fab from its early stages of development now will create a production model in the future. The development of new immersive instruments for the fashion industry for Metaverse will be able to attract more fashion designers and smart garment vendors who can join Web3 blockchain technologies.


The platform consists of next main products:

  • L3D IP (MVP)- product digital model creation, conversion into an asset, creation of IP and Patent Pending in NFT for designers & vendors. It is a comprehensive tool consisting of a software solution and a set of decentralized solutions for 3D fashion design, NFT creation and IP safety.
  • “DAO” - tools for transforming the Fashion industry stakeholders into a full-featured DAO (like the main area for Fashion business, Metaverse and NFT creators).
  • Fashion Guild is an ecosystem for Fashion creators and professionals (Fashion and Fabless industry players).

Our goal is to provide the best industry platform for Fashion and Fabless (Smart Metaverse industry). Provide Fashion guild with an opportunity to transform into a full-fledged DAO and tokenize Fashion NFT assets, gain access to a wide range of investors for their intensive development. Investors and funds will receive tools for investment in Fashion NFT for Metaverse, that based on industrial standards, market evaluation, statistics and analytics, to make an informed decision where to invest money for the future of Fashion in Metaverse. And they all will be connected to real garments production and supply chain blockchain worldwide.
We want to create the DAO Fashion guild management solution is a smart contract builder platform for a wide player of the modern Fashion ecosystem. The web interface is a shell for creating and deploying smart contacts, adding / modifying data in a smart contact, an interface for outputting data from smart contracts / blockchains and API for cross-change data (between NEAR and other big ecosystems, like Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Cosmos).

Benefits for NEAR ecosystem

The LEAFES Fab solution will be able to help Fashion Designers, Smart Garment vendors, manufacturers to start to use NEAR blockchain to boost their assets and productivity.
The DAO Fashion guild management software will be able to help garment creators, who produce digital products for the fashion industry, including NFT objects for the Meta universe and real garments production, built on the NEAR blockchain, increase the community of active business users by facilitating the transition from old ecosystems to Digital fabs and Metaverses, especially for young teams who joined new to blockchain. We see opportunities that the NEAR ecosystem can be a convenient entry point into the world of the Fashion industry and investment in NFT fashion for large masses of new audiences ready to switch their activities from traditional venues.
Also, new players coming into the Fashion Guild ecosystem, issuing their tokens on the NEAR blockchain, and players who can transfer NFT from other blockchains, will generate new transactions on the NEAR blockchain, contributing to the growth of the entire ecosystem.
Speed and scaling are the main NEAR distinguishing features of the other crypto chains. Such scalability is comparable to a huge search engine. All production supply chain steps will be registered as NEAR smart contract net and are easily scaled, encrypted and stored.


  • NFT is a blue ocean market in Metaverse, but limited solutions are ready
  • Non-Interoperability problem of NFT protocol between dozens of blockchains.
  • There is no DAO-based Guild focused on Fashion tech.
  • We understand that these big challengers in NFT and Fashion tech will further develop as a decentralized community that focuses on making money.
  • Investors want to buy NFT and a new Fashion collection, but the cost of ETH and high price for Gas limited buying NFT assets.
  • The NFT and 3D creators in Fashion Tech need to protect their know-how and IP rights, the guild can help them and investors need market tools to invest safely.

MVP code development roadmap:

MVP solution to be developed within Q1-Q2 2022.
Web-based workflow of features and interfaces, which allow creating garment NFT models and conducting NFT processing in Web interface, including automation of the following processes: 3D modeling, IP Rights and patent protection algorithms.
Technologies to be used for create MVP (to be adjusted after RnD and project development launch):

  • Ruby on Rails framework using for back-end side
  • Low-code platform for testing some mechanics - HTML5/CSS/React.js etc for front end. Focus on UX/UI approach - NEAR (Rust) backend code
  • NEAR (Rust) smart contacts
  • 3rd party storages integration (Filebase, IPFS, etc)

DAO Fashion Guild management module:
MVP solution to be developed within Feb-April 2022.
Smart Contracts developed on Rust programming languages for NEAR blockchain (WASM) with cross-chain support by future developments by EVM support (such as Aurora EVM), which cover following processes:

  • Voting and DAO management;
  • Assets/revenues distribution;
  • Multisig wallet for platform,
  • Accounting and billing,
  • IP security control;

General Roadmap

  1. Pre-research, UML design and product data collection (Steps 0 and 1) — Feb 2022 - Apr 2022
  2. Basic research, standard development, smart contracts (Steps 2 and 3) — May 2022 - Aug 2022
  3. Open dialog with the DAO community (Steps 4) — Aug 2022 - Sep 2022
  4. Develop tools for metadata validation (Steps 5) — Oct 2022 - Dec 2022
  5. DAO votes, jury creation, guild testing (Step 6) — Jan 2023 - Apr 2023
  6. Commercial launch of platform (Step 7) — Apr 2023 - May 2023

Future development:


  • Cross-chain NFTs Interoperability integration;
  • Guild and 3D NFT creators interactions with guild lenders/investors;
  • New 3D NFT creators onboarding, training and helping to launch products.
  • Metaverse integration for testing sales NFT via 3rd platform (Meta, Baidu, Amazon)

DAO (Fashion)

DAO platform: MVP solution to be deployed within Feb-May 2022.
Fashion guild token launch platform including guild token IDO event conducting and smart contract deploying for guilds token creation on NEAR blockchain.
Future development: in-platform NFT fashion token creation and NFT model lending platform, connecting early adopters from Fashion industry and investors.
During 1Q-2Q 2022 the MVP solution is planned to be integrated with up to DAO built on NEAR blockchain with at least one active guild on each Fashion player using LEAFES Fab platform. And integration with Singapore & Chinese digital Fabs (now in negotiation process).


Olga Gi (Zhirova)
About: 3 startups, 1exit, founder of LEAFES (smart & digital fashion brand), LEAFES Fab co-founder. Strong multinational expertise in fashion production, sustainability & innovations, digital clothing, telecom, TV & Film industry.
Proposal Role: CEO, responsible for Development & Research and Communication

Nick Fedorovskih
About: 2 Blockchain startups, 3 telecom startups (CDN, OTT video, ISP), 1exit (ISP sold), Everscale (Blockchain) Academy IM and Jury Member (1 year)
Proposal Role: Idea, Product, responsible for Development & Research

Nikita Kuznetsov
About: Full stack developer and researcher (Linkedin and GitHub )
Proposal Role: responsible for Development & Research and Communication

Advisory board

C.G. Low
About: Asian entrepreneur, Singapore 3 startups, 2 exits, NexusHealthcare, Blockchain
Proposal Role: responsible for Business Development & Digital Labs

Benny Liao
About: China entrepreneur, Hong Kong, 2 startups, 1 exits, Blockchain, IoT, SupplyChain, Digital Labs manufacturing
Proposal Role: responsible for Business Development, Supplychain & Digital Labs

Total hours allocated: 7,500 - 8,500 hours
Total cost: $350K - $425K
The project is currently under development with phased launches.
Total Ask: 50K NEAR (we know that we can start will a minor sum of 10k, but it is where we go :wink: ).



Awesome proposal, super thorough and sounds like a neat project!

Just a heads up, though - 50k NEAR is typically beyond the scope of any of the DAOs or funding verticals on the forum.

You can check out the NEAR Grants process though, this would be more apt for that:

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Hey, David!
thanks for your quick answer. We presented the whole project here.
And the 50k budget is what we’d like to raise from investors.
As for the Grants you referred, we’d like to apply there a bit later, when we have ready Github and our website, we are currently working on and would like NEAR to support us with 10k NEAR to get our first job perfectly done.


@David_NEAR can we arrange a quick call?

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We can, but just so you’re aware I don’t oversee funding and I’m not involved with NEAR Grants.

If you have general questions or want to know anything about NEAR, then absolutely:

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This looks great!

Once you have a basic website together I would suggest making an application to see if the grant can support the MVP build. Applications can be made here: NEAR Foundation Grants


Hey everyone! we have great news, as we’ve got our MVP done.

Final deliverables:

LEAFES Lab: MVP solution to be developed within Q1-Q2 2022.

Web-based workflow of features and interfaces, which allow creating garment NFT models and conducting NFT processing in Web interface, including automation of the following processes: 3D modeling, IP Rights and patent protection algorithms.

Technologies to be used for create MVP (to be adjusted after RnD and project development launch):

  • Rust/Go frameworks using for back-end side

  • Low-code platform for testing some mechanics

  • HTML5/CSS/React.js etc for front end. Focus on UX/UI approach

  • NEAR (Rust) backend code

  • NEAR (Rust) smart contacts

  • 3rd party storages integration (Filebase, IPFS, etc)


Milestone Timeline Scope
Target: MVP Design/

Smart-Contract|4 - 14 Mar 2022|* Mockups of prototype,

  • High Level Architecture,
  • Design, Adaptive coding
  • Smart-Contract development (NFT, Marketplace, Storage)
  • Smart-contract IP/patent pending development|
    |Target: MVP coding|14 Mar — 25 Apr 2022|* NFT minting algorithms for designers & vendors
  • Publisher (Digital Fashion) community building
  • Infrastructure setup
  • Front-end and UX/UI coding (Figma → html/css/JS)
  • Rust back-end code
  • Smart-Contract testing and extending|
    |Target: Publishing|May 2022|* Deploy code and DB
  • Q&A, Highload testing
  • External audit and testing
  • Community Support
  • NEAR community clients early adopters|

Progress report analytics (Summary of work performed by grant’s team):


URL: At the moment, we are transferring the domain to another registrar, so the MVP website is available at this link - Later, after the transfer of the domain in the coming days, the site will be available at the link - https://marketplace.leafes.pro

KPI: Yes


KPI Progress Comments
Backend Configuration Done
Front end configuration Done
Setting up IPFS Done
Layout setting of the Main page Done
NEAR Wallet API setup + Integration Done
Authorization and connection of the wallet, storage in local storage of the client Done
Layout and profile settings Done
Develop Backend API Done
Smart contract development & integration Done
Layout and minting setup Done
Database setup for Profile Done
Testing the smart contract logic Done
Model, Images & IP Agreement uploading Done
NFT Minting for the user with sharing availability Done
External audit and testing In Progress
Q&A, Highload testing In Progress

Final Technical stack:

Part Stack
Frontend React, near-api-js,
Backend Node JS, Express,
Smart contracts Rust


All work is carried out in github, with all the necessary organization of branches.

Part Link Description
Organization repository Leafes · GitHub LEAFES organization
Front-end https://github.com/leafesdev/frontend Front part of the MVP, with a description of the launch of the React Native application and viewing the UI components through the Storybook
Back-end https://github.com/leafesdev/backend Backend part of the site with a description of the API/IPFS part and documentation for smart contracts
Docs https://github.com/leafesdev/docs Repository with full documentation on launching the server side and configuring all tools for comfortable work

Since now the repositories are in private mode, we are ready and offer to provide access for viewing on a personal request.

Further steps:

  • Testing with focus group of designers
  • Integration with metaverses and games (list of games/metaverses)
  • List of designers

Integration Overview:

  • Wallet
  • Smart contract

Additional actions

  • LEAFES Haze
    • Buy/sell with NEAR tokens
    • NFT minting integration related to MVP (marketplace)
    • Ready use-case for fashion brands with the example of our own brand
    • Bringing an offline audience to the NEAR blockchain ecosystem connecting real garments and NFTs.

LEAFES's server

Our full report is here
NEAR Report.pdf (1.6 MB)

Hi everyone,
here is out resting report
LEAFES Test Summary (1).pdf (629.6 KB)