[PROPOSAL] Demonstra’s Communication Channels


The Demonstra Project was conceived with the aim of bringing the general public closer to studies and artistic practices related to the discussion of the non-normative body in contemporaneity. In terms of marketing and communication. Within the Near community, Demonstra Project’s main objective is to disseminate the artistic production of people with disabilities and inclusive projects, in order to increase value and dissemination of such professionals, concepts and projects.

Demonstra DAO is undergoing an internal restructuring in order to bring us closer to the Near ecosystem and web3 tools. Demonstra’s communication can greatly assist this goal by engaging with multiple communication channels. We intend to publicize Demonstra DAO’s articulation with the Near ecosystem, giving more visibility to this partnership. In recent months we have been able to increase the visibility of activities using our existing networks. We intend to expand this reach by exploring other communication channels that were not being used until now, such as twitter and telegram, in order to reach a larger audience of people interested in art and accessibility.

Demonstra’s Communication Channels:

Instagram | Twitter | Telegram | Website | Facebook | YouTube | NEAR Forum | Newsletter

Marketing and communication work

_Instagram | 11k followers |

Instagram is our main resource for information about our events, activities, partnerships and projects, now with 11k followers. Publicizing the projects developed by Demonstra DAO, linking the related partners in order to bring the audience into the near ecosystem. Searching for and publicizing the initiatives our partners are promoting. Creating two posts per week and several stories, linking to related pages and refining the target audience. 150USD

_Instagram Ads

2 or 3 promoted posts per month in order to increase the visibility of our initiatives. 100USD

_Twitter | newly created |

Twitter is a network we are entering now and we will work for its growth and engagement by producing content that helps the dissemination of our projects, connecting our project to the near ecosystem and reposting partner initiatives. Creating two to five posts and/or retweets per week with the aim of increasing the visibility and reach of our projects to people interested in art and accessibility. 150 USD

_Website | YouTube | Newsletter | Facebook

| YouTube _ 17 followers | Newsletter _ 314 subscribers | Facebook _ 167 followers |

On our website we have all the information about our project and we need to keep it updated. We have several projects being developed for YouTube and it will be more and more active. The newsletter reaches an audience outside the social networks, extending the reach of our communication. Facebook has been forgotten about, but we intend to update it more frequently. Update information, content, videos and images of our projects, activities and partnerships, extending the reach of our communication. Feeding these pages with our projects and partnerships. 350USD

_Telegram channel | 17 subscribers |

Moderating the group chat, clarify doubts about NEAR ecosystem and DemonstraDAO, encourage more people to join the channel, create a community connecting with artists and partners, sharing the projects of Demonstra. 100USD

_Art direction and co-production of posts

Content creation for social media: graphic design of the communication material for the different social media channels. 250USD

We are publicizing our partnership with near on our networks and tagging all our posts with #nearprotocol and #near

Sub-total: 1100 USD