[PROPOSAL] DAOrecords | April 2022 | Full Stack Developer

DAO Name: DAOrecords
Position: Full Stack Developer
Previous report: [REPORT] ( Full Stack Developer | DAOrecords | March 2022)
Proposal for the month and year: April 2022


  • Finish FT contract & launch the DAO tokens on the testnet & mainnet
  • Gather requirements for Metapool integration
  • Work on optimising the UI and work on UX changes on the MVP (TROACO) in collaboration with ottpeter & lelen.maramar
  • Work on DAORecords.org development in collaboration with ottpeter & lelen.maramar

Goal for April would be to launch the DAORecords tokens (Splash) & work towards integrating them with Metapool. Also, to work on the modification on the UI of the MVP (TROACO) together with the team for the soft mainnet launch and start to work on the daorecords.org with the team.

Expected hours to contribute: 50-60