[Proposal] DAOdrops Season 2 Month of September

I’d like to make a proposal for a second month of funding for the DAOdrops DAO in order to continue building out the NxM community by continuing DAOdrops.

In the first month of this proposed 3 month project, we have booked all artists for the full 3 months, currently have all episodes filmed, and in editing. We used bounties for revenue splits to engage the createbase community and have show posters made for the events in August. We also have started the cryptovoxels build and promotion for the first event on August 6th at 5pm PST in Bittrees Plaza.

I am teamed with Ian Prebo and Casey Cosley who are both members of the NxM guild, as well as part of the Bittrees family, providing us access to venues in cryptovoxels.

What we propose to do with this project:
*Three drops a month
-Weekly interview with featured artists
-Week of promotional posts
-Assistance with minting works
-In-world drop party in Cryptovoxels at a Bittrees property

*One Live/PreRecorded event
-Live twitch stream performance to feature the months artists
-Week of promotional videos
-Voxel wearable exclusive to the event
-Pay artists for performing to set preccident for artist compensation

*We would aim to further establish DAOdrops as a platform to benefit and grow the NxM community, while also building out the format so that we can aim to expand into more regions and include broader aspects of our community.

*We changed the time of our event to try and better fit our global community. We have already aired our first episode of September, and saw less attendance than we hoped for, but not far outside of expectations due to the time change being new. We are hoping we can get more push within the community to help get the attendance numbers up over the coming weeks.

Budget Breakdown: 300 NEAR (100/per) Ian, Casey, and myself to produce a month of Season 2
60 NEAR to each artist/band (20 NEAR per) for the end of month performance event

TOTAL Request:360 NEAR
NEAR name: drops-dao.sputnikdao.near


Hi @bonepolice - as mentioned on today’s Creative Guild Leader meetup call would be great to see an intro post to this new creative DAO here on the Forum under the Creatives subcategory and a fully-fledged budget proposal with more detail about what you’re looking to achieve and the success metrics you’d like to set for the month and your activities (like how we outline in our guide: [Guide] How to submit a funding proposal to the Creatives DAO) for @chloe and I to review. And for the rest of the community to respond to as well (love those DAO/Guild collabs).

And please post as your target address in future for monthly Creatives DAO payouts one that is not a personal NEAR Name account but for the full DAO on either of the SputnikDAO platforms.


Great to hear this will be edited in time for October instead with the introductory material we’d asked for last week.

@chloe and I are ready when the DAOdrops DAO is :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: