[Proposal]Community Workshop/AMA


As a startup DAO, we recognize the importance of educating and enlightening our community, and it remains a top priority to foster an active and engaged community. Our proposed project aims to achieve this goal by providing education and awareness about the Near Ecosystem. Specifically, we target newbies and aim to equip them with a comprehensive understanding of the Near blockchain, from creating with NEAR to effectively integrating Dapps such as Astro,Tamango, Ample and many more, into their brands.


To achieve this objective, we will conduct weekly AMA community calls for a duration of four weeks, where we will explore the Near Protocol and blockchain technology in-depth. During these calls, we will provide newbies with valuable insights on how to navigate the governance forum and incorporate Dapps into their brands.


To effectively execute this project, we have allocated a budget of $330 as follows:

Graphics - $25 per week [$100]
Facilitator - $50 per week [$200]
Mass Airdrop Links for onboarding - $30


We have set specific metrics to measure the success of this project, including:

Attracting a minimum of 50 new organic and active Twitter/Telegram followers and subscribers.
Achieving a minimum of 20 new On-chain members.
Notably increasing community growth and engagement.

Target : apex-trybe.sputnik-dao.near

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