[Proposal Closed] Produce Starter Kits For Artists in Vietnamese

P/s1: 21 March: Due to limitation in budget asked, we decided to close the proposal for the period of May, however, in the meantime, we’ll continue preparing materials for these kits as part of our effort to onboard new Vietnamese artists

To save resources in the attempt to onboard new members, we would like to produce starter kits for Artists in the Vietnamese language, which is reusable and will be the source for Artists to learn when starting their journey with us.

Benefits of using reusable materials:

  • Reduce costs for peer to peer coaching every month
  • Reduce the number of community calls needed (repeated questions will be directed to our starter kits, we’ll reduce from 4 to 2 community calls after the kits are available)
  • Easy to approach for artists as everything will be presented in their mother tongue.

What will be included in the kits?

This will be included 4 videos & an infographic about the decision tree for newcomers to VAD DAO

  • Basic Interaction with wallet, crypto & fiat
  • DAO & functions on DAO
  • Near forum & functions on Forum
  • Mintbase: Registration, Functions, How to mint & listing


Total: $700 in $NEAR including

  • $150/video including translating materials/shooting/video editing
  • $100 for infographic

Quality control guideline:

To make sure the produced materials are of good quality, thanks to the experience working with the Open Web Sandbox, I’ll refer to 2 trusted sources to measure the quality of the kits: OWS Quality Control Guidelines of the OWS & the advisor of @near.insider. All files will be included in a report after the production process is finished.

Link to the whole (Overview Proposal): [Proposal] VN Artists Dao April Funding Request (Overview)