[ Proposal ] Capital Guild Seminar for July "NEAR, NFTs, DAOs & Creatives"

Hello Creatives.

i am El khush a community builder and Moderator of Capital Guild community Abuja, Nigeria.



i am delighted to share an idea for a DAOs seminar, this seminar will targeted at achieving three major points that are the major tools of growth and security for creatives, it will also serve as a gathering of creatives to discuss Web3 and the NEAR token plus all the available opportunities available for creatives, this is because there has been a cause for sensitization to creatives, this will serve as a seminar for clarity of roles of Communities, Creatives and Moderators.


  1. Sensitization: This simply means its going to be for all members of all the creative communities interested.
    we will be asking questions of how these communities functions and how they are building creatives, what they help creatives to build on and their roadmap.
  2. Education: This seminar will also serve as a tool for educating creatives about all the features of Near,
    Roles of each guest DAO as speakers.
    Token gating/Ticketing
    we will also be receiving important updates and information from the invited guest speakers.
  3. Onboarding: We will also be inviting new creatives who wants to learn about the NEAR PROTOCOL, NFTs and other knowledge or questions they have regarding the Web3 space.

The seminar will last for at least 2hrs, we have also considered to host a physical and online Seminar where we will have members and newly invited or onboarded creatives present, while we connect to our Discord, Twitter and or IG, we also plan to hire a cryptovoxel space where we will be having an exibition before and during the seminar.
We have reached out to some very important DAOs that will be guest speakers for the seminar and with their approval we have added them to the guest speakers list.

Mintbase Dao
Creatives Dao
9ja Musical
C1 guild
Certified Creatives

Other interested community members or creatives are also welcome to join in and get these informations.

i will be hosting the seminar together with Moderators of Capital guild.


We are expecting a good turn out as other community members will be present for the seminar.
At least 7 speakers from 7 different communities
3 topics to be discussed about
At least 15 to 20 physical members
At least 10 newly onboarded creatives
A first of its kind recorded seminar to be stored on the Creatives Dao and Capital Guild YouTube page for easy access to members who couldn’t participate.


  1. web3 general knowledge
  2. powerpoint display
  3. Capital Guild Membership token lunch
  4. Capital Guild 1st creative charity support campaign with NFTs ( For a member of capital guild community that needs our support for a hip surgery).

Capital Guild Community Moderators.
23rd July
TIME: 10:00am WAT 9:00am UTC
Venue: Online:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/capital_guild?s=21&t=z3aCspfAUEOIj0Y6gPo_WA
YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UCqVluQql5C6vK778OrHOUjA
Physical Venue To be announced upon approval.

thank you for your support and love, i am always available for clarification.


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This will be a great turn up and we are happy for all the support so far … anticipate :100:

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