[Proposal] ‘Can You Cook?’Bounty

[Proposal] ‘Can You Cook’ Food Competition


This is a cooking bounty where participants will submit entries (short video clips) of themselves cooking their favorite recipes.

Prizes will be awarded.

The aim of the competition is to create more awareness and engagement amongst people who love to cook. And also encourage and inspire food creativity.

All the entries will be shared on our social media platforms.

There will be prizes for the first 10 entries, the video with the most engagement and the video with the bes creative content.

All the entries will be premiered at a metaverse meeting on Nearhub were talks on Near and Blockchain technology we be delivered l. The winners will be announced in the Meeting.
Already we have began adverts and publicity. Graphics and animations have been made and are now running on our social media platforms.

Creating and minting of NFTs
Increased community engagements
Opening of wallets


Refunds for advertisements and publicity $150
Prizes $400

Total $550

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Hello! A few questions here:

  • Which near hub space will you be hosting your meeting?
  • Do you have a vision or plan on how this project will help merge culinary arts with NEAR?
  • How is this brining value to the NEAR Ecosystem?

Thanks so much!


Apologies for the late response @adrianseneca

We will mostly likely be using Tamago’s Tama Island. Tamago’s has been helpful to allow us use their room on another project at zero fees. We envisage their support once again.

  1. This project provides a unique use case for Near. We believe that Web 3 and the Blockchain is relevant to every human endeavour. Our DAO, and by extension, this project will consolidate NEAR’s Web 3 presence and relevance in culinary and food related endeavours.

  2. We will make no less than 5 culinary NFTs from this project which will consist of unique, never-before-seen recipes and foods. This will contribute to the growth of Near’s NFT market and relevance.

  3. After this project, no less than 10 chefs will be onboarded and registered as on-chain members of our DAO.

  4. And of course, there’ll be publicity which will serve to raise awareness for Near.

I hope I answered your questions satisfactorily.

Thank you @adrianseneca