[CLOSED] April 2022 Events Budget for Culinary DAO

Funding scheme: Monthly

Proposed Activities Of The Culinary DAO For The Month Of April

“Can You Cook?”
This is a cooking competition where participants will submit entries of themselves cooking their favorite recipes. Prizes will be awarded for best videos.
Inorder to allow for more interaction and followership, one of the winners will be selected based on the highest number of votes on the videos. Best videos will be minted as NFTs and aired on the Metaverse.
The aim of the competition is to create more awareness of Near Protocol, and engagement amongst people who love to cook.

Publicity(graphics and short videos): $200
Adverts and promotions on social Media(Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Social Media influencers): $300
Editing: $100
Prize for winners: $500
Airdrop for facilitating opening of wallets: $100

Restaurant Feature:
The first episode will feature interviewing random people on the street about their favorite food and restaurant. Telling them about NEAR and onboarding them. Then they will be taken to any restaurant of their choice that is within our budget. Pictures and videos from the outing will be minted as NFTs.
This will also be edited into a food show to be shown on the Metaverse and YouTube. The intention of this show is to create massive awareness about NEAR protocol.
We also intend to carry the general public along with the show and call for participations. Such as allowing those present at the Metaverse for our food show to determine the next city to feature in the next episode of the 'Resturant feature. Some can even win tickets, based on task on consistency.

Montage: $150
Camera man: $150
Video Editing: $150
Promotion & Advertisements: $100
Airdrop: $10
Restaurant cost: $200
Logistics: $50
Council management: $400

  • Expected Impact And Value.

  • Create more awareness for NEAR Protocol.

  • Onboarding of chefs, Nutritionist, food scientist and food lovers.

  • Seeking out food related users and talent that can build on NEAR.

  • Metrics for measuring success.

  • Number of people viewing our shows. For this first month, we are working on engaging atleast five people.

  • Onboarding 50 active users who can build on Near.

  • Opening of 50 wallets

  • Estimated timeline and achievement milestones.
    We project that we should be done recording our first segments by the end of Apiril.

  • Total requested amount: $2410 (168)


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Good evening, sorry I confused, too many ± same proposals from you today :blush:


Thank you. Actually I had to remove budgets for this two events from my proposal to CreativesDAO and redirected it to @Marketing DAO because they couldn’t take it all this being our first proposal.

My apologies, I just don’t see the direct relationship with Near from your iniative. It’s a no from me.

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Actually,the aim of the intiative is to explore food as a tool for onboarding and creating mass awareness for NEAR Protocol, since food has very huge followership.
Our goal is to start a world class food show with different segments including the nutritional value of food, wine Talk,food tourism etc.
This proposal is to cover the cost of recording of four episodes for the show.
You can read more about us here:

Good evening, propose to close this request, because very similar was approved here

Thanks :blush:

Hi, @Dacha

Let me clarify the confusion. This proposal to which you refer:

details four activities for the month of April. Due to the $2000 cap for nascent DAOs, only two of the four activities could be funded by the CreativesDAO, namely: “Interviewing a Nutritionist” and “Food and Drinks Tourism”.

I thought to bring the two more marketing-related projects to the @marketingdao-council for funding, namely:

  1. “Can You Cook?” Cooking Competition

  2. “Restaurant Feature”

More details are provided in the proposal.

I am suggesting to close the proposal, look at results of approved event in Creative DAO and then, create a new proposal for Marketing DAO. Asking you, because we don’t have consensus here to approve it… Thanks :grinning:

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I agree with @Dacha – this proposal will be moved to closed. Please feel free to come back to us when you have results from event approved in Creative DAO.