[PROPOSAL] Build an NFT Marketplace for Artist Collective, Sine Wave Surfers - February 2022

Good day,

I was writing because I am interested in seeking funding to set up an NFT marketplace on Mintbase for our artist collective. I am an electronic music producer and digital artist as Electrobro and ONIICHAN respectively. I also run an artist collective and record label called Sine Wave Surfers. Our goal is to expand consciousness, spread love, empower humanity and connect like minded individuals. We focus on diversity and promoting great people who are great artists. We host monthly in-person shows, as well as music festivals, workshops and other community focused events.

The purpose of this funding would be to create a digital NFT marketplace for helping our artists sell their artwork, grow their presence in the NFT and NEAR community, and hopefully take steps to transform Sine Wave Surfers into a DAO. I would love funding for minting creations as well as the costs for setting up the shop on Mintbase, but I am totally content with just having help initially to set up our Mintbase shop. Ideally 50-100 NEAR would help a lot, but happy to receive any help and grateful to serve the community.

We have 40+ single releases, 2 compilations, and tons of video content (60+ artist sets) from our virtual festivals. I’d love to have the single releases minted by the end of May 2022 and the compilations minted by the end of July 2022. Minting this content and using smart contracts to properly route funds to all the artists involved with the work are great milestones to start with. Eventually I’d love to figure out ways to incorporate NFTs with our in-person events as well. I believe this effort would support the NEAR community by bringing more artists into the NEAR space as well as raising general awareness and utilization of NEAR.

My apologies if I’ve posted this in the wrong place or missed any details. Please let me know if I can clarify anything.

Thank you for your time,



we are happy to fund your Store 6,5N.

We can also send you 10N and you can send 0,5N to each artist you want to onboard.

We can then check if you sent it to them and if they are in the store and if they minted already.

Does that sound good?

Yes please! Thank you so much for taking the time to respond and work with me.


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Are you able to create the store and we refund you after the creation? We just want to be sure that the near are used for the store and the onboarding.