[PROPOSAL] Black Cat Cinema - Promotional Video for NFT Ticketing

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@roadworks (roadworks.near)

@cosmiclobo (cosmiclobo.near)

@dan_E (dan802.near)

Funding scheme: Once

Target: lens.sputnik-dao.near

Project: Video shoot of Black Cat Cinema events, onboarding, and NFT ticketing.

Black Cat Cinema:

Instagram: Login • Instagram
Facebook: Black Cat Cinema, Lisbon
Web: http://www.theblackcatcinema.com
Mintbase store: Black Cat Cinema Mintbase Store on Mintbase

Previously funded projects: April was the first funding month for the LENS DAO. 2 projects have been filmed and are currently being post produced: [REPORT] LENS DAO April

Other current projects: Music Video for THE TOURORISTS - “ONE-MAN BAND” (filmed on 10.04.2022 and 06.05.2022 by CAMCAT.pt / roadworks.near from LENS DAO), publishing date: 09.05.2022


Video shoot of Black Cat Cinema events, onboarding, and ticketing.

Black Cat Cinema is just getting started for 2022, and it’s time to get it on film! There is a story to be told about what is happening with the project, who is involved, and how NEAR is a part of it, and LENS DAO can tell it.

An introduction to the Black Cat Cinema project can be found here, and an overview of the goals for 2022 is here.

Before the events, Black Cat will be onboarding their visitors to encourage them to use the NFT ticket platform. And, at the events themselves, information will be available to guests about NEAR, the benefits of using NFTs for tickets, and how to create wallets as first-time users.

What’s involved

The video will contain three main sections, to be filmed over the first two events on 17/05/22 and 23/05/22.

Part 1) Storytelling. The scene will follow a couple as they search the city for the cinema. The venue is hidden, and they need to piece together how to find it before finally reaching the destination. Finally, they reach a locked door, are ushered inside, and then it’s time for…

Part 2) Arriving at the entrance way, they’re asked for tickets. They have their NFTs ready, and burn their tickets, keep the souvenir NFT, and enter the event. While they are there, they chat with other people who are setting up their new wallets. And now, it’s time for their night to really begin. Food, drinks, musicians, and a fantastic hidden venue are all waiting inside, and they settle in for a night at the movies!

Part 3) Interviews with the team involved. The Black Cat staff. How the project happened, what the purpose is, and how NEAR integration is progressing.

Purpose of the video.

  1. Documentation of the project’s progress to the NEAR Foundation.

As mentioned in more detail in the proposal here, two of Black Cat’s four key areas for NEAR integration are: Driving traffic to Arroz Estúdios, and NFT ticketing. The video will document this and show the NEAR Foundation what Black Cat is doing, who is involved, and how the project is progressing toward its integration goals.

In the final delivery to NEAR, the video will be supplemented with still photography, but that has been covered in the previous proposal, and there will also be photo stills of the upcoming artwork and cryptovoxels projects. A poster artwork competition and Metaverse sections (to cover to NEAR) might also be included as a bundle with the video. But, considering previous Black Cat proposals, it makes sense to explain that this is the main part of the video documentation to NEAR, but we will add little bits later on as things progress. The 30/06/22 documentation deadline was mentioned previously.)

  1. Press release to news outlets. Black Cat will be promoting the NFT ticket program to crypto-related news outlets. Black Cat hopes that they will be keen to share the story with their audience because NFTs ticketing is a concept with huge potential, but has not yet seen many real-world use cases in regular events as a genuine alternative to traditional fiat ticketing. Black Cat will be the first open-air cinema in the world to offer this! High-quality video content will be the perfect way to demonstrate to news outlets what we’re doing, how it works in practice, and give them engaging content that they can pass on to their audience.


Shooting: 650 USD

Assistant: 100 USD

Actors x2: 300 USD

Onboarding: 100 USD

Total: 1150 USD

Timeline: First shooting day on 17/05/22. Second shooting day on 23/05/22. Post production until 15/06/22.

Thanks a lot for the consideration!


Awesome to see this up :firecracker:

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Hello folks, here’s a quick update:

1st day of shooting (Tuesday, 17th May) went according to plan.
2nd shooting day (Monday, 23rd May) had to be postponed by one week due to following factors:

a) One of the actors was in contact with a person that tested positive for Covid three days ago. And
b) The team responsible for NFT ticketing didn’t get the system running on time. According to their spokes-person next week the successful implementation of NFT-ticketing is more likely.

Due to the factors mentioned above, the post production might be postponed by a week, too.

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Remaining footage has been shot on 31st of May, depite having one actress missing (due to Covid) and despite having that day’s event taking place indoors at Arroz Estudios’ warehouse. As mentioned above, post-production will therefore also be postponed by one week due to the unforseen factors mentioned in previous update.

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Hello folks, after some nasty days in my bed (due to our lovely Covid) I am finally proudly presenting a rough cut of the video: BLACK CAT CINEMA - NFT Ticketing with NEAR / mintbase - YouTube

Any feedback is very welcome. :slight_smile:

Here comes an updated (remastered) version: Black Cat Cinema - COMMERCIAL, Lisbon - June 2022, by camcat.pt - YouTube

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