[Proposal] BEEP BOOPS NFT - CC0 & Open Source Human Gated Minting Infrastructure & Collection

The following proposal is to support the development, marketing, launch of the BEEP BOOPS, the first human gated mint designed to bolster real users on NEAR and provide an open source framework to replicate such mints.


Any instance where there is some type of governance protocol, Potlock, NDC Election, the system gets botted. This leads to unfair distribution of airdrops, increased rugpulls in the ecosystem, and misallocation of resources to ineffective actors.

Additionally, only a few thousands of the millions of users on NEAR actually interact with multiple dapps. We are having a power law distribution of users where most are just stuck in their Web2.5 application

Evidence here flipsidecrypto.xyz/MoDeFi/2-project-user-interactions-in-detail-Kb7N0S

Moreover, although NEAR is in chain abstraction narrative where you can create accounts for users, their is a lack of connecting existing profiles and accounts. This causes a missed opportunity in narrative for interacting with cross chain ecosystems through portals like Farcaster and Lens.

Additionally, there is a lack of NFT drops from new communities in the ecosystem. While everyone gravitates towards meme coins, they are an underlooked aspect of NFT collections. Moreover, many NFT collections in the past have not been building open source and in public, resulting in IP disputes, dead communities, and lack of innovation for other communities to build. This can be seen with collections like NEAR Nauts, ASAC, Mara and other collections.


  • Open source framework for launching human gated mints built on BOS

  • Incentivizes for future bot detection

  • A NFT community of Bots based on nada.bot brand

  • CC0 (creativecommons .org/public-domain/cc0/) (free to use) Creative Commons art that community and holders own

  • Have users interact with other contracts to verify and connect other social and Web3 accounts to boost human score and retention


  • Support NFT onboarding structure and prevents bot
  • Work with existing applications to enable human mints
  • Lay the foundation for identity protocols on ENAR Foundation
  • Build a community around sybil detection and activate a community of rewards
  • Onboard other stamp providers and have users interact with other contract

Potential Collaborations

  • Nada.bot for Human mints
  • Bodega for human integration
  • Sharddog with a Human minting feature


  • 1001 (Binary Amount of Mints)
  • Royalties: 3% royalties go towards fund to incentivize bot detection services, verification UX
  • Art: Traits 10 Heads, 10 eyes, 10 body, 10 accessories
  • Look and feel: nada.bot style brand: bots with different sombrero
  • 1 human per mint


  • Design Phases: Art & Wireframes: 2 weeks

  • App Development: 3 weeks

  • Pre-Launch: 3 weeks

  • Mint Date: June 1st

  • Secondary Sales: Hype & Partnerships

  • $5,000 USD

Total Budget

The entire budget will costs more, but this would generally have costs

  • Website and technical integration; human minting adoption across ecosystem
    • Website design and development
  • Artwork: Handdrawn generative page: Higher designer
    • Traits made open source for anyone to remix
  • BOS Gateway: Mintbase Powered Landing Page
    • Mint page
    • Landing Page
    • Gallery
    • Secondary Listing, buy and list from bos
    • See my NFTs
    • See Human Status
    • MIT Open Source License on Github Open Sourcing
  • Marketing
    • Done within nadabots account
    • 20,000 total impressions over months

About the Team

Team has already launched countless of NFT and public goods build as well as worked with organizations like Potlock, Nada.bot, NEARWeek, Popula, Ludero, and has launched projects like Joydragon, DropWallet, and Magic Build, YEAR of Chef, to name a few. The team has experience scaling their developer and marketing capacity.

  • Kuro Denjiro, Co-Founder of Magic Build, 5 time hackathon winner
  • Hoang, Co-Founder of Magic Build
  • Earnest Etim, Founder of NEAR Africa, Social Media Manager and Potlock

Extra Resources

  • Art Inspiration

I support this proposal

  • We need fair launch mechanisms
  • We need more collecitons in the NEAR ecosystem
  • We need cross dapp collaboration
  • Their is no CC0 style collection on NEAR and NounsDAO has shown success for this
  • We need more BOS NFT tooling and open source builds
  • We need ways to verify humanity
  • MagicBuild team has history of shipping across different projects and have contributed to public goods ecosystem