[REPORT] BEAT DAO Musical Oasis

The Beat DAO Musical Oasis has officially been programmed to be broadcasted on the NxM channel. There was some delay in the airing of the show due to logistics and preparing the community of the intricacies of participating in the show

At the moment, three episodes has been transferred to council member Paul to air on the NxM live channel on Youtube
I requested $500 from the DAO to offset studio venue rentals for the show, and pay the video grapher on site since it required physical contact for the content to be recorded. To do this i had to exchange some NEAR to USDT to be able to pay for these services. I was also able to find an editor to charge $300 for editing the project

Videographer: $150 for spontaneous recording of 4 episodes
Content script and programme sequence: one time payment of $70
Studio for clip recording: $40 for location used for the day recording of 4 episodes
Part payment for editor: $100

This leaves a deficit of $140.
The music producers that participated are yet to be paid and the balance for the editor also which amounts to $280 ( $70 per producer x 4) plus $200 balance for the editing.

I Would request a balance of $340 from the DAO which adds up to the previous $140 to offset all debts for the show

The fourth episode would be ready soon enough. The show really looks nice and would engage the BeatDAO community and also be an opportunity for onboarding

Private link of the episodes would be provided on inquiry since i wont share it here so that anticpated episodes are leaked

Infinite love always

John X


When are you going to pay those artists and people that you have promised?

Based on the report above BeatDAO has paid for your “work” $840.




You have ignored my requests regarding providing contacts to those ppl in this report like wallets names, links to their socials, etc. (WHO SHOULD RECEIVE ALL THAT MONEY?), claiming that they are not in the NEAR (FYI one of our main mission here, is onboarding new people to NEAR, doesn’t matter what you are doing)

For a few days, I’m receiving messages from people that I haven’t spoken to before. They are telling me that BeatDAO should pay them… which means that you took $840 for yourself and you have no respect for others’ hard work, besides this is another proof of your fraud activity.

We are not the first DAO that has an issue with you, the saddest part form your bad behavior and attitude is that our good reputation is being destroyed, not only BeatDAO’s reputation but all DAOs on NEAR, as having a full pocket is not our main mission here…


Yes, Paul… thank you very much for bringing this out in the open after countless attempts to reach out to you after having unjustly blocked me in the community groups without a public post to bringing the community aware to all the incidents that happened

As can be seen above … The DAO agreed to the production of the show to be $1000… good

I requested this $500 for the production of the show…
To pay the video grapher, myself for program sequence creation and ideation and then also for the owner of the studio which i used for the venue.

How do you call it “Ignoring your requests” this is dumb to speak of as you expect me to host an event which is IRL and get to account for where funds went… the goal was to host a show and not to onboard personell who needed their cash instantly on the site to perform their duties… albeit in a country where there is a whole lot of caution with crypto involvements, did you consiider that before you labelled me a fraud?.. the goal was to produce and host a show and not to onboard people who were not informed privy to the involvement of performing their duties

Yes… In all openness i told them to reach out to you for their balance payments after you manipulated a scheme to get me out of Beat DAO council without reporting to the community about the “so called fraud” i have performed… You only brought this up now because i referred the music producers who were to be paid $70 each for their interview on the show.

You sent me this payout after you schemed to get me out of the council before i requested the balance of $500 USD in NEAR for the show … which was already planned as the cost of producing four episodes of the show. After your calculations you sent me $340 USD in NEAR which we agreed was my DAO management fee after hosting the Beat DAO Beat competition…
The balance of $500 USD in NEAR for the editor whom i was able to work with and the music producers whom i interviewed which are a part of the BEAT DAO community like you know @skthealternator @Wiswiz and oleg which i am not sure of his community handle here… but here is his telegram handle: @Oleg_Espo
I dont understand where you call me the fraud… that i am not supposed to be paid DAO management fee which we both have received every month? or that the balance of $500 usd in NEAR for the show’s production which is the balance payment of the editor and the music producers involved which has not been requested from the DAO Treasury… Which is the problem exactly?

You started destroying your own reputation when you didn’t bring this case open to the community before you schemed to remove me from Beat DAO council and stiffed my voice by banning me from Beat DAO community telegram group and NxM, all because you had the telegram access to do that… You have attacked me on all fronts even rallying back talks and getting me unnecessary backlash from my friends within the ecosystem… Why did you block me from the community telegram groups of NxM and Beat DAO, on what authority would you do that…
I sent the editor and the music producers to request their funds from you since the balance of the show’s initial $1000 USD in NEAR is in the DAO treasury amounting to the balance of $500 … This you can clearly see… you blocked me access from reaching you and unjust blockade from the community and sent me $380 USD in NEAR for my DAO management fee… So where is the fraud @Paul

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hello team,

does any of the presents need/wish for a third party to help moderate?


Every DAO has the right to remove someone if the person in the DAO is not providing any value in terms of growth.

That being said, you still haven’t answered… when are you going to pay others? Show trx links, please.

Those payouts were made because of your report above (which is not transparent enough to be accepted).

We haven’t paid you for DAO Management, because you were officially claimed that you have profit for handling this show… which would mean that you will get the biggest “cut” with the lowest effort (you have not handled any single activity on the BeatDAO by your own, so why you wanted to claim more than you should?), making my work and @Wiswiz irrelevant and wasting community money…

I couldn’t tolerate that, enough is enough.

I also remember vividly that your belligerence against me came when i told you after all calculations of the costs… $150 goes to me … You became livid that i was earning some more other than the regular DAO management fee that we were earning… You say that you were working hard… and am wondering … that this show [PROPOSAL] BeatDAO Musical Oasis YouTube Series was my idea, and if there was some deficit left, would it be bad that i take that as a reward for my ideation and effort. I did this show, sent you the episodes and explained to you and you got livid that i was unfair to the other DAO council members? … For real? After i ideated a concept that you loved? for this you hated me and got so angry and schemed to remove me from council and block me from community Telegram groups which was totally unjust… this is not decentralization… You should have done this first before going ahead to blind conclusion which you took upon yourself to make…
Still you decided to deduct this cash from my DAO management fee which i get monthly for hosting the Beat DAO Monthly beat competition

This was where your anger stemmed from, and i vividly chose to resolve it with you amicably but you went on a blind rage…

We can clearly see where all this blackmail and backlash is coming from… You have unjustly labelled me wrongly within the ecosystem. We should be seeing more of this soon enough

CC @vandal @tabear @frnvpr @beetlejuice @johanga @thephilosopher @Monish016 @

Yes, I’d like to raise awareness about the non-transparent and fraudulent activity of @JohnX.

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ok, enough for the @creativesdao-council to come in.

I suggest the following, you both tell me if you agree; If everyone is acting in good faith and this is just a misunderstanding, I’m sure all will gladly collaborate in sorting this out:

  • Beat DAO will try to summarize what, in their point of view, happened (ideally with textual support and any kind of transaction evidence needed);
  • JohnX will try to summarize what, in his point of view, happened ((ideally with textual support and any kind of transaction evidence needed);
  • The moderators team will try to collect further evidence, if there is the opportunity to do it.

I ask that for a couple of days everyone restrains from commenting and piling up acusations, until we have the chance to look at both accounts of what happened, is this fair?

Then, either in the forum or by setting up a meeting, the moderators team will moderate a conversation between the 2 parties. Fair?

thank you


To be honest, I provided all info above, about the payouts for his show. I don’t feel privileged to share private chats with Guerra, @Oleg_Espo, or @thealternator1.

From my side, I have nothing to add.

Ok. :point_up_2:

Beat DAO will provide whatever Beat DAO wishes to provide; if the full account is published above, then the moderators team will look at that. If the remaining council members wish to add something, they know they have a couple-of-days-timeframe to do so.

@JohnX Do you wish to present your account of what happened in a detailed and clear way to the moderation team, so that we can help figure this out?


I still do not understand how @JohnX feels like everyone is against him if he’s doing the right thing, everyday we receive reports upon reports about same person for same monetary reasons but the worst part about it all is that he’s always on the defensive like everyone else is just making up stories and accusations, I am particularly ashamed of this act because it affects a lot of good people SMH :man_facepalming: No single person has worked or been close to you and give good comments about your acts and dealings but your greed and ego will not allow you to stop your ways and help grow this communities, I wonder how you sleep at nights after affecting the efforts of everyone trying to do good. Please bro, try to listen and do the needful, sell your NFTs and use your money however you choose but stop affecting peoples effort and hard work


@frnvpr i applaud you for your idea and suggestions regarding this matter, just as I will and have always said to people I speak to, “money” triggers a lot and brings a lot out of Humans, @JohnX am hoping you can at some point understand that no one hates, it will be proper to say “protect” protect in the sense that, the Attitude or issue don’t get to spread… keep in mind how unjust u where to the team that planned the Abuja Tour and how your action is put us in debt, till date you are saying nothing in that regard and it’s sad to hear that other people have Negative money related experience with you, @Paul can remember vividly how $500 was unjustly refunded to NxM by you @JohnX just because we will not allow you Take it all or Treat us like you are above us. It really is bad and somehow I was hoping something like this won’t get to this Forum because it speaks bad.

And this your approach of poking the bear and raising dust when ever you are at fault is not best, because some of the issue you have presented here are not called for nor are they the subject matter,
It’s good to pay people when they work for it, and this ur comment about “it’s your ideation” be calming down bro
No body hates anyone, we just don’t want to be treated in ways that are unfair……

#pray for Ukraine :ukraine: as we hope the War stops

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Yes i would like to share, but it would also be along side a case against @pawel for unjust community behaviour and manipulation of a newbie council member into canvassing popular vote for a despicable reason. @Wiswiz was not really aware of DAO intricacies before he was manipulated by @Paul into voting on a proposal which he knew not much about as a new council member

@Monish016 was present when this screenshot was taken… @Paul admits to have being the one who unjustly blocked me from participating in the NxM and Beat DAO community without a report to that effect up until now when this accusation of fraud has taken place

Now to this, Thanks for moderating
Only thing i have to share is that @Paul has admitted to bringing up this accusation because he felt that i was going to earn more than the other council members after i opened up to him about the $150 which i wanted to have for myself for logistics of planning and hosting the Beat DAO Musical Oasis show. And i also want to point to the fact that he has deliberately denied me the DAO management salary because of this event… I receive this salary monthly because i handle Beat DAO monthly beat competition and i did for the month of february, so he has no premise whatsoever to deny me that

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ok John, then I think it’s advisable that you try to layout, on a document that, when it’s ready, you’ll share with the moderators team, exactly what happened and your response to the accusations you were target off, so that we can help everyone make their points clear.

It’s important to focus on the important issues at hand, namely use of funds, relationship with people involved in the activities, etc.

Once those are cleared, small issues like TG group management at the like can be addressed. Of course, feel free to add anything you like to such a document, and the moderators team will do their best to read it with utmost care.

Thank you all, and please, try to refrain from pursuing further discussion until the moderators have a chance to talk to both parties.

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Thank you … I will supply information soon but let me address the irrelevant shenanigans that have violated the essence of what this forum post was about… Please understand @frnvpr

I do not understand, It would be better for you and everyone else (mainly the community at large) if everyone abstained from pursuing pointless discussion.

I flagged your last post, as it contained inappropriate content.


Understandable, ou can also flag the two posts above by people who are not relevant to this conversation. Please do so, Thanks

Do I upload the document here or where please?

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I initially didn’t understand why I didn’t get my payment as stated in the interview I did with @JohnX.
I requested payment from him and was directed to @Paul. That’s when I knew there had been a problem.

Till today, I still haven’t received payment.
But it’s all good though. Peace and Love.
I hope you guys settle the issue.


Please contact me on TG @frnvpr and I will share it with moderators.