[Proposal] Rhythymic circle



The primary aim of this event is to connect all music artiste based in Lagos,nigeria in the community on a physical and deeper level.

There are a lot of music artiste based in Nigeria from different guilds in the community, this competition aims at bringing together music artiste from different guilds in Nigeria under one roof.

This competition aims at creating a bond between artist from different community with entertainment and education from leaders in the ecosystem.

There will also be room for onboarding new creatives and attendees from the competition.

A simple breakdown on how the competition will hold


This competition will be hosted in a very conducive indoor space, with good sounds, 1 MC, 1 DJ, and a total of 14 selected rappers battling for a cash price

Rappers will be selected from different Nigerian community in the ecosystem, there will also be an open call for rappers on social media

There will be selected musical performances from artiste in different daos formed by the Nigerian community. We intend to have at least one performing artiste represent each Dao in the event.

Educational phase

There will be a brief introductory educational meeting with a projector to educate the audience on why it is important to be a part of atleast a near decentralised community . This meeting will last for 20 mins.

Tagging near certified creative leaders @blusw @FritzWorm @Cryptonaut @vandal @tabear @Paul to volunteer to give the brief education at the event.

Breakdown of budget for the competition

Venue Hall

A small conducive hall with good sound and light that can accommodate about 80 to 100 people : 170 dollars


DJ and Mc of the event

The DJ Will be involved in the coordination of the music all through the event :65$

MC :Host the event and coordinate the rappers in the competition 65$

3)Cinematography: Video coverage, pictures, graphics and editing of contents from the event: 180 $

4)ushers : 4 ushers to coordinate the movement of people, properly arrange the venue, attend to all participants, record the data of all attendees and also to monitor the live zoom meeting ; 20$ each * 4 :80 dollars

  1. Printing of 10 youngfrefhdao and near shirts to be worn by ushers and crew : 50 $

  2. Event packager : A successful event needs good plan, the event packager will handle the total planning of the event ; 50 $

7] Prices to be won by Rap contestants;

First price ; 150 dollars

Second price : 100 dollars

Third price ; 50 dollars

Total ; 960 $