[PROPOSAL] Arcturus - Tracker DeFi Multi-Chain


Arcturus is an application for decentralised finances.

The purpose of this application is a multi-chain solution providing better control of assets between chains and offering financial tools to its users.


We are currently building the MVP, we already defined the entities and use case of our business logic.

In the side of the backend, we choose go as programming language and we started to implement the first endpoints of our application.

Meanwhile in the frontend we choose a design style for the dashboard and we’re looking for a designer for the multiples screens.

We started before with the backend because it will take longer than the frontend.

We’re building a multi-chain tracker although we imagine it more like a some kind of bank from the future.

We want to provide to the final user as many facilities as a bank could give you but decentralised.

At a glance you can see your total balance from all your wallets and how many tokens do you have in each network and chain.

We would like to let our users make token and NFT transfer from the platform, and also stream payments.

Integrate with 3rd party protocols to bring lending, swaps and even a bridge in order to move assets between chains.

We’re building this tracker because we found necessary to have a tool that could track all your finances in one place. We think this application will improve the experience in every ecosystem.


For regular users they find it hard to use DeFi system and work among chains. We find it necessary to include a FAQ section and explanatory guides on basic concepts.


There are a large number of DeFi protocols but not all of them have been audited or have a minimum reputation to be considered secure. In decentralised systems, trust is everything, so only DeFi protocols that have passed an audit and are voted for by our DAO will be added to the platform. These protocols will have a confidence index which is calculated by users’ votes.


Monitoring assets when you have them in multiple blockchain is hard but even more so when you stake your assets in liquidity pools and they are rebalancing. Arcturus will scan users’ assets through different blockchains and protocols to get a full picture of what is in their wallets. Users will be able to see which tokens are in their wallets, which are in staking and how much is in each protocol and even their own transaction history.

Last but not least Arcturus will provide tools in order to track users’ strategy, in order to get metrics on how their investments are going.

The following are some of these tools: Daily Winnings, Optimal Compound, Impermanent Loss…


Existing applications with similar functionality to Arcturus are EVM compatible only.

Arcturus offers the possibility to connect multiple wallets at the same time or another way is to create a clustering allowing it to have wallets from multiple chains.

Examples Competitors:

The four points commented above are our four pillars for growth and in the future we would like to introduce a fifth one “transparency”.

One of our strengths is that we’re our potential users, so we know what is necessary to build because we have the necessity.

Arcturus is developed thinking in our users first, for that reason it should be managed for a DAO. We want that everyone feels to be part of Arcturus, unlike our competitors that seem more like private companies.

Another one is multi-chain, we started to build the platform with that in mind. There isn’t too much progress about it from our competitors, so we want to be pioneers in this area.

As we said transparency for us is really important, we want to keep our users’ information as private as possible so this is a bit of a challenge. At the beginning we’ll use a centralised database to index users data and we will develop the project in private repositories but in the future we would like to move the indexed data to a privacy blockchain and make our repositories public.

Most of our competitors “force” final users to buy their native tokens in order to scan a certain amount in your wallet. We see that as a red flag because usually these tokens are inflationary and lose their value with time. We could say that early users pay way more than latest users.

We don’t plan to do something like that, we thought of something like mint a NFT for a subscription time, or stream payments but it’s just an idea.

Just to be honest we consider Arcturus like a service for the community and we prefer Arcturus as a free service.

Obviously the project is really important but also the team, I left my job to jump into web3 because I believe in decentralisation, blockchain, governance and almost everything related with crypto. We’re really keen to develop open source applications for the community and grow the ecosystem.


Each release will be launch at the end of each quarter in the day 27th

Phase 1 (2022-Q3) - 20000 USD

  • Login with Near Wallet.

  • Track Tokens in Near Blockchain (Hold, Staking, Ref.Finance).

  • Tools (Daily Winnings, Optimal Compound, Impermanent Loss).

  • Guides and FAQ.

Phase 2 (2022-Q4) - 20000 USD

  • Login with Metamask.

  • Support EVM Networks.

  • Track holds tokens from wallets in multiple networks (Aurora, Ethereum, BSC, Polygon).

  • Account Clustering.

Phase 3 (2023-Q1) - 20000 USD

  • Support for EVM DeFi protocols (Aurora preference).

  • Liquidity Pool and Staking Metrics.

  • User Profile Options

  • Rewards for using and contributing to the platform.

Phase 4 (2023-Q2) - 20000 USD

  • Login with Keplr

  • Track tokens in the cosmos ecosystem (Hold, Staking, Defi).

  • NFT Visualizer

  • Stream payments

Futures Phases

Support more blockchains and protocols.
Integrate dex, lending and bridge
NFT Rewards.
Mobile App.

We cannot give an exact list of what the budget will be used for, but we can give an approximate list. It will mainly go to cover project development costs, infrastructure costs, design and maintenance of the community.

That is why we have made the proportional distribution for each quarter.

We would like to be fully transparent with this and you will be able to see the expenditure in the DAO governance.


We are the union of a team of two developers, creating a perfect mix between art and logic. This union brought the idea of providing other people with financial tools.

We have a set of skills and previous experience building and maintaining different sizes of projects from high concurrency to MVPs


  • Javier Aceña: Teach Lead, Tech Educator, Entrepreneur
  • Iris Ledesma: Frontend Engineer, Creative Coder With Passion for UX/UI

We would like to expand the team and have more profiles.

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