[Report] #4 Phoenix Zero - Vehicle History and Service Tracker (Abr 1 - Abr 30, 2022)

Invoice Detail

Invoice No: 04
Account: phoenixpulsar.near
Date: 2022-05-08

Project title: Vehicle History and Service Tracker

One-liner: Development of app that allows a user to add vehicles and vehicle services to the blockchain

Project Summary: Project consists of two repositories, a smart contract that uses near-sdk-core , where a user can add vehicles and vehicles services to the blockchain. The second repo is a front-end repo the uses Vue.js and near-api-js to render the state of the contract and interact with the contract change method on a browser.

Developer in Residence:
discord: phoenixpulsar | A Macedo#8225

Abr 1 → 30, 2022

Summary of work done (40hrs)

  • Blog Posts
    • Published Blog Post - Testing Smart Contract Tutorial
    • https://medium.com/@phoenixpulsar/crud-dapp-with-near-and-vue-chapter-1-b-testing-adeb59094675
    • Published Blog Post - Front End for Smart Contract using VUE Tutorial
  • Code
    • New Repo to go along with blog post
    • https://github.com/phoenixpulsar/vehicles-on-the-block-front-end

Next Steps/Ongoing

  • ONGOING: Translate blog posts to Spanish
  • NEXT STEPS: Use channels such as discord to market blog tutorials, increase traffic
  • NEXT STEPS: Use user feedback to improve tutorials

Block 1 (8hrs)

  • Testing tutorial
    • Published blog post that goes step by step on how to test smart contract

Block 2 (32hrs)

  • Front-End Tutorial
    • Published blog post tutorial that goes step by step on how to use VUE and near-api-js to interact with smart contract in the front end
    • Created new repository in Github to go along with tutorial