[PROPOSAL] Alas DAO budget for 08-2021

Payout Proposal : We request 450N as a monthly budget for Alas DAO in August 2021.

  • Community Hangout #1 Aug 18th w/ onboarding using Nearnames : 30N
  • Challenge proposal for METABUIDL 100N (Airtable - Live Challenges for near.org/metabuidl)
  • Hack Node Dresden coordination 100N (-> @fbravo will put payout proposal to Alas DAO later on)
  • Nifty.ink <-> Sandcastles DAO ideation 30N
  • reading material on DAOs, Creator Economies and Token Engineering (coming) 30N
  • Ideation on CLI tool using Sputnikv2 features to be used during a hackathon 30N
  • MetaBUIDL team match profile 100N METABUIDL Team Matching
  • Alas DAO Beacons https://beacons.page/alasdao 30N

Total Requested Funding Amount: 450N

Project/Council Members: kn00t.near, fbravo.near

Target: alas.sputnikdao.near

btw. How can I add alas-dao as a tag?


I have added the “alas-dao” tag. Feel free to use it to self-organize on the forums.

Also, it would probably be good to read through: [Guide] The Creatives DAO Funding to better understand the funding flow.


Is there anything else needed before I submit the proposal to Creatives DAO? Thanks a lot.

I feel as though the proposal above makes sense, but is this one still relevant? [PROPOSAL] Alas DAO Bulletin Group Writing

Why are there two proposals instead of just one proposal with all of the plans for the Alas DAO for the month? The part that is missing is the goals and metrics imo. I see an ask for funding, and I see projects to be completed with those funds. It would be great to also see the WHY.

For example:

Why is 30N needed here? the event passed already, so I am assuming there should be a lot more info that what is listed.

Why is 100N needed here?

Again, would be great to actually know whats going on here.

Why si 30N needed here?

I am assuming this is something the guild is planning on working on? How long will it take? Who is completing it? why?

etc… I am not even sure why funding is needed for any of this tbh?

Why would $500 be needed to add Alas to the team matching?

Maybe I am missing something?

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