[Proposal] A Project's Verification Service on NEAR

We want to build the first project’s verification service on NEAR and we will call it NearProtect!

You can see NearProtect like the SSL lock in the browser address bar, that shows a site is secure.

NearProtect will be a service accessible to everyone. It will be delivered in the form of a badge widget that the project’s owners will simply add to their website or app.

We want to make of NearProtect the most used/trusted verification system in the NEAR ecosystem.

The NearProtect badge will be available in 4 options;

  • Bronze (Score 20-39)
  • Silver (Score 40-79)
  • Gold (Score 80++)
  • Platinum (All verifications done)

The NearProtect badge will use its algorithm to determine the trust level of a project, based on multiple criteria.

All projects can come to us and request their badge, for free. However, getting a platinum badge (most trusted level) won’t be available to all projects as they will incur a cost for the smart contract audit.

Here are the different methods available, which all, have a weight in score points, that will determine at the end, which badge will be delivered to the project.

** The project has an active discord community**
If the project has an active Discord community, with a decent number of users.

** Phone verification**
If the founder verifies his phone number with us.

** The project has a website**
If the project has a live website.

** The project received a grant from NEAR**
Only serious projects, with a solid roadmap, can pass the due diligence from the NEAR team and receive a grant. We believe that a project that has received a grant from NEAR is a high sign of trust.

** Team founder(s) KYC **
If the founder(s) have verified their identity with us, we believe it’s a strong indicator of trust and then, reduce the risk that the project is a scam/rug.

**Audit **
Projects that get their smart contract codes verified by our security experts will receive a higher score. All projects that have passed the security audit will be seen as trusted projects.

  • The audit verification is the only paid service. The revenue generated for the audit verification service will be used to cover the team salaries and finance future developments.

We also plan to create a listing of all verified projects on our website NearProtect.io. Our users will be able to find trusted projects easily through our directory and our advanced search features.

Unique Selling Points

Our projects have unique features, unique ideas. This is something completely new to NEAR! We need a system to verify the legitimacy of each project that is built here, on NEAR and it’s exactly what NearProtect proposes to do.

Our NearProtect platform will do just that! It will bring what is missing here, to bring more investors and get better adoption of NEAR in the crypto community.

That is time to protect everyone from being rugged/scammed!

Problem Solving

NEAR blockchain has mature technology, but its still a young platform… and actually, there is no system available where the NEAR users can refer to verify the legitimacy of a project. It’s what we want to achieve with NearProtect!

We want to make the NEAR ecosystem a safer world, where investors can meet and invest, to help growing the NEAR ecosystem.

With the help of NearProtect, we will offer a way for NEAR users to check through our portal the legitimacy of any project. Because our service will be mostly free, there will be no reason for any legitimate project to not get their badge, and pass through our verification system.

All projects passing through our verification system will receive a badge. The more verifications they pass, the higher trusted badge they’ll get. (Badges start from Bronze, up to Platinum. They exist in 4 options).

This is how a NEAR user will be able to verify the legitimacy of a project, based if the project has passed the verification with us or not. If they did, it means they have validated much information’s with us like phone verification, identity verification, codes audit etc…

We believe that every legitimate project will want to work with us and get their badge because it will give them more trust from the NEAR community, and offer them great visibility exposure (because they will get listed on our projects directory).

We should be able to get full adoption and get the most of the project’s founders wanting to pass through our verification platform.

NearProtect will provide amazing value to the NEAR ecosystem.

Our Team

The team consists of 3 full-time team members. (and many contractual freelancers)

  • Founder (myself, AKA Cryptozel)

A marketing veteran that owned a marketing agency for a decade, before launching its own SAAS business (web2 app).

He has been featured many times in popular magazines like LifeHacker, LifeWire, and SearchEngineLand, where he has shared his expertise with other entrepreneurs.

After 15 years managing web2 businesses, he decided to pivot to the web3 industry.

  • Senior Developer (CertainJS)

A Senior Web3 and Cryptocurrency engineer with 5+ years of experience participating in the complete product development lifecycle of successfully launched DApps, DEX, NFT, and Smart contracts.

  • Community Manager (LovelyG)

An experienced community manager/Ambassador with 4+ years in crypto space. Diligent and hardworking in all endeavors to make this right and always after the growth and development of a good project.