[Proposal]A budget is requested to start an Instagram project, with the participation of a different talented audience and the opening of wallets

@Near_pro will have access to all information in different languages ​​on how to open wallet management, project news, memes, creative videos.

The plan: opening 100 wallets for talented people.

What is the reward for?
The participant must do:
1- Open wallet Near
2- Follow Instagram and send stories @near_pro
3- Submit your creative video for reels or record your talent. (Perhaps it will be a musical performance, a song or dance, sports, and the like.)

Then @near_pro pays 1-Near remuneration for the completed task and starts promoting these materials to the top.

All photos and videos will be used on Instagram and will be promoted to the top Rills with popular hashtags Near


Requested budget:
100 near reward for the first 100 participants
50 near pay for work and promotion on Instagram.
30 near to advertise the project. Creation of advertising photo and video content, payment to bloggers.

Totally 180 Near


Hey there,

Thank you for the post. Given this is social media and onboarding related, it might fit better in the Marketing category?


@Artifex_Travels always support you :clap::clap::muscle:


Hey @Artifex_Travels this looks more like a proposal for @marketingdao-council aka Marketing DAO.

I’ve also noticed you posted about offering 1 N for posts/stories even before receiving any funding. Are you paying from your own wallet atm and what happens if this isn’t funded?

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I have indicated an example and style of vision for this account on Instagram. At the moment, pending approval is a voluntary promotion without funding.

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Hi @vandal thanks for redirecting this proposal.

Hi @Artifex_Travels thank you for your proposal. The marketing DAO council will take a look and comment.

It is strongly advised not to start a project or promotion that involves payouts before it is approved.

Thanks for your understanding

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Hey @Artifex_Travels, this is a great initiative for inviting more talents to join the NEAR ecosystem! Though I have a few questions:

  1. What are the expected key results for this campaign aside from the number of new NEAR wallets created?
  2. I understand this is phase 1 of the campaign. Are there any plans on how we can retain these new NEAR users after creating their wallets?
  3. I would suggest rewarding the participants based on how many tasks they were able to do. For example, 1 $NEAR for wallet creation, 0.5 $NEAR for following the account on Instagram (even including NEAR’s Instagram account), 0.5 $NEAR for sending their reels, then some extra $NEAR for the best entries :slight_smile: