[PROPOSAL] 6th Edition Exhibition Eight

6th Edition Exhibition Eight


Alexandre Macieira

  • Near account for payment: macieira.near
    Isa Danone
  • Near account for payment: isadanoninho.near

Holding a virtual exhibition on September 24, 2022 with 8 exclusive artworks by 8 artists from the Mintbase-NEAR network.

Title: Eight Exhibition


To unite eight visual artists to create an exclusive collection for Octopode DAO, based on its values and goals.
The Octopode DAO has eight tentacles and each represents a value that will be given to a different visual artist to create their artwork.

1 - Education
2 - Research
3 - Art
4 - Communication
5 - Technology
6 - Innovation
7 - Social
8 - Collective / Communication

This collection will be given space in the 3XR Space gallery and can be minted directly in the DAO store through the Mintbase marketplace.
And each invited artist will receive 20 USD in NEAR (according to the exchange rate on the day the DAO funds are received) for participating in the project.

The works will be publicized on DAO’s communication channels, giving more visibility to the artists who participate.


Disseminate more and show in art form what the principles of DAO are, generating the opportunity for the artist to publish their artworks, turning them into NFT. Generating opportunities for exhibitions is a way to encourage new productions of art, thus encouraging the artist to continue producing.

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With the experience gained by the proponents over the past few months visiting and holding exhibitions at various venues across the network makes this an exclusive exhibition. Eight artists will be selected and invited to this challenge of producing an exclusive work for this action. The works will be organized in the 3XR Space and thus we begin the third exhibition of the Eight Collection. All works are to be minted in the Octopode DAO store on the Mintbase marketplace.

From September 1 to September 18 the invitation will be issued to the selected artists for the artworks.
From September 19 to 23 begins the receipt of the artworks made by the artists.
On September 24th the exhibition will be available virtually.

Budget: USD 500 in NEAR

USD 170 in NEAR to be paid to apple.near
Call for participants (Twitter, Instagram and Discord, in the personal profile of the proponents).
Select artists and organize the works for the exhibition.
Setting up the exhibition virtually.
Curation of the artworks.
Payment of the artists.
Accountability at the conclusion of the project.

USD 170 in NEAR payable to isadanoninho.near
Make the poster for the exhibition.
Call for participants (Twitter, Instagram and Discord, on the proponents’ personal profile).
Curator of the Arts
Assistance to participants
Add artists to the Octopode store on Mintbase.
Accountable at the end of the project

PRIZE: 160 USD, divided among 8 participants, 20 USD in NEAR for each.

Transfer receipts of the participants’ payments will be attached to the report at the end of the project.

SIGNATURE: macieira.near

Alexandre Macieira
Link Curriculo: alexandremacieira | Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook | Linktree
Site: http://alexandremacieira.com.br
Isa Danone
Link Curriculo: Danone Psicodélico | Twitter, Instagram, Spotify | Linktree


Amazing Project @macieira


Very awesome project sir :heart_eyes_cat:


Vou buscar participar desta vez! As exposições são maravilhosas.


Woow!! Muito massaa! :heart:


Super!!! Que bacana que foi aprovada mais esta ação de relevância para as artes e para o ecossitema @near :clap: :clap: :clap:


Iniciativa de extrema importância para a construção de uma Nova Era no inconsciente coletivo nas Artes! Parabéns @macieira e @Isa_Danoninho