[Bounty] 4th edition of the Eight Exhibition


Alexandre Macieira

  • Near account for payment: macieira.near
    Isa Danone
  • Near account for payment: isadanoninho.near

Holding a virtual exhibition on July 26, 2022 with 8 exclusive artworks by 8 artists from the Mintbase-NEAR platform.

Title: Eight Exhibition


To unite eight visual artists to create an exclusive collection for Octopode DAO, based on its values and goals.

The Octopode DAO has eight tentacles and each represents a value that will be given to a different visual artist to create their artwork.

1 - Education
2 - Research
3 - Art
4 - Communication
5 - Technology
6 - Innovation
7 - Social
8 - Collective / Communication

This collection will be given space in the 3XR Space gallery and should be minted directly in the DAO store by the Mintbase marketplace.
And each selected artist will receive 20 USD in NEAR (according to the exchange rate on the day the DAO funds are received) for participating in the project.
The works will be promoted on DAO’s communication channels, giving more visibility to the artists who participate.


Disseminate more and show in art form what are the principles of the DAO, generating the opportunity for the artist to publish their artworks, turning them into NFT. Generating the opportunity for exhibitions is a way to encourage new productions of art, thus stimulating the artist to continue producing.
Opening up the project to include more people from the community beyond the Brazilian community.

Latest editions of the Eight Exposition

NFT 1st Eight Exhibition by Octopode DAO

3XRSpace 1st Eight Exhibition by Octopode DAO

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3XRSpace Eight Exhibition - 2nd Edition by Octopode DAO

NFT Eight Exhibition - 3rd Edition by Octopode DAO

3XRSpace 3rd Eight Exhibition by Octopode DAO


With the experience gained by the proponents over the past few months visiting and performing exhibitions at various venues across the web makes this a unique exhibition. Eight artists will be selected for this challenge to produce an exclusive work for this action. The works will be organized at 3XR Space and thus we begin the fourth exhibition of the Eight Collection. All works are to be minted in the Octopode DAO store on the Mintbase marketplace.


a) The themes that must be chosen for the artist to create their art are:

1 - Education
2 - Research
3 - Art
4 - Communication
5 - Technology
6 - Innovation
7 - Social
8 - Collective / Communication

b) The receipt of artwork and the selection of winners will take place from July 4 to July 19.
c) Only artwork published on the Mintbase marketplace and the OctopodeDAO store will be accepted.
d) Registration will be done only here on the forum and in the same post of the entry made here must be:
d.1) The link of the artwork published in the Mintbase marketplace;
d.2) The artwork must be published with the link on the artist’s personal Twitter and or Instagram tagged #OctopodeDAO and #EightExhibition and this post must also be available here on the forum.
d.3) Follow the OctopodeDAO profile on Twitter and or Instagram

e) The organizers during the period from July 4 to July 19 can already choose the winners of each theme.

Explaining better the item “e” of the RULES. Example: If on July 8th the artwork that will represent theme 1 - Education is already chosen, the organizers will announce on the forum the winner and no more artworks related to this theme will be accepted. This leaves 7 themes left for the artists to still participate in the bounty.

PS: any type of artistic expression that is publishable on the Mintbase marketplace is valid.


From July 4 to July 19 the artwork will be received and the winners will also be chosen.
On July 26 the exhibition will be available virtually.
Payment to the winners will be made after July 26.

Budget: USD 500 in NEAR

USD 170 in NEAR to be paid to macieira.near
Call for participants (Twitter, Instagram and Discord, on the proponents’ personal profile).
Set up the exhibition virtually.
Provide accounts at the conclusion of the project.
Assistance to participants
Curation of the arts.
Artists’ payment.

USD 170 in NEAR payable to isadanoninho.near
Make poster for the exhibition.
Call for participants (Twitter, Instagram and Discord, on the proponents’ personal profile).
Accountability at the end of the project
Curator of the Arts
Assistance to participants
Add artists to the Octopode store on Mintbase.

PRIZE: 160 USD, divided among 8 participants, 20 USD in NEAR for each.

Transfer receipts of the participants’ payments will be attached in the report at the end of the project.

SIGNATURE: macieira.near

Alexandre Macieira
Link Curriculo: @alexandremacieira | Linktree
Site: http://alexandremacieira.com.br
Isa Danone
Link Curriculo: Danone Psicodélico | Linktree


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Hello friends! Here is my contribution:
5 - Technology

Art Name: “Tech NO Logic”
Creator/Near Wallet: igormoura.near
Description: The world we live in today is driven by technology. We have seen rapid technological advancement in every field but artificial intelligence, machine learning and quantum computing are the most disruptive technologies of them all. And let’s not forget about the crypto world and the expansion of the metaverse. How far have we come? How fast can we achieve it? And what will be the costs of doing so? This is my NFT contribution for the fourth exhibition of the Eight Collection, on the 3XR Space, about the wonders and challenges of our current technology. Is there any logic in that?

Thing Link (Minted on OctopodeDAO): https://www.mintbase.io/thing/Ea85cI-y2eel_e4gaLcbD9rb-FGLzbwjRuynpmZEWww:octopodedao.mintbase1.near

Twitter Post: https://twitter.com/igormoura2010/status/1545085859153715202?s=20&t=64H2nTw8twmuDKuyY2qwWw


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Heyy there here is my entry,
I chose 4-Communication

Mint: People From Different Countries Communicating on Mintbase
Art Name: The competences people need to acquire to have a better communication.
Near Wallet: stunter31.near
Description: There are so many people in the world with different cultures. For this reason, when people are in a country they have never been in, they will come across people whose language they do not know. There are a few competences for achieving this.

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