[Proposal] $6300 for a Curators DAO

Funding Proposal



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Summary / Purpose

We elevate the quality of art on NEAR by

  • (1) socializing NFTs we collect
  • (2) critiquing why we like them
  • (3) commissioning new artists


Spurred by a suggestion by INFINITY CuratorsDAO will drive excitement around NFTs on NEAR.

We believe that providing abundance for a group curators will result in more engagement and higher quality art than if a single curator would run a DAO which awards artists directly.

It is important not only to pay artists, but to pay the administrators who run non-profit organizations. The current consensus is that curators getting to keep the NFTs they collect is fair payment for the engagement they’re generating.


Each team member is an established in the traditional and digital art scenes. Each brings their own specialty to the table but are successful because of the entire skillsets and networks they have built.

NEAR Name Specialty Twitter
danilpan0.near Telegram https://twitter.com/pan_danil
starpause.near Streaming https://twitter.com/starpause
nftbuzz.near Twitter https://twitter.com/nftbuzz_eth
delta_ark.near Critique https://twitter.com/delta_ark
lunith.near Social Causes https://twitter.com/luuunith
empress.near CV, podcast https://twitter.com/EmpressTrash
janessarobinson.near Articles https://twitter.com/janessaerobins

Goals / Objectives

In the next month CuratorsDAO will produce:

  • Social media content (weekly)
    • Using a social media manager like buffer to multiply your signal across platforms
  • Virtual gallery placement (at least 1)
    • CV, Mozilla Hubs, NewArt.City
  • Written articles (weekly, spread across curators)
    • Published across several platforms like Medium, mirror, substack, hive etc.
  • “clubhouse critiques” (weekly, maybe more maybe less depending on reception)
    • Collectors will discuss trends and their taste.
    • Casual voice chat because everyone is burnt out on video meetings
    • Try discord stage, twitter spaces, clubhouse, etc, experiment with what works
    • If the topic is a group of NFT collectors sharing what they look for in artwork, it should go viral.

Milestones / Key Results

The end goal is to attract other collectors and quality artists to NEAR. At a minimum we will introduce 7 new collectors to NEAR and introduce 7 new artists to NEAR. Beyond these measurable results and activities we expect to see an increase in the visibility of quality art on NEAR.


For the first month of this experiment each curator will be granted a 300N stipend with which to collect art for a total of 2100N to curators.sputnik-dao.near


Happy to endorse the funds for this experiment for the CuratorsDAO!

And the Creatives DAO would also happily welcome the CuratorsDAO under our DAO vertical umbrella if the experiment is deemed a success and wishes to continue! (cc: @chloe)

Feel free to drop and reshare your content and critique invites in the Creative Guild Leaders chat for greater exposure and to spark conversation within the NEAR Creative Community.


Thank you for a sample of a well-written project. It will be very interesting to review the development of events. For our part, we acted somewhat differently. We gave a group of artists of 8 people 150N each. Curator melodinft.near Agreement with very democratic conditions NEAR - Google Docs. In order to limit the artist as little as possible, but, in principle, to ensure his life for a month. MELODY spends day and night with them and perhaps this is one of the most active chats now)))
The second part of the people received 50N curator I, infinitinft.near. They signed the same agreement. Collected in the chat Telegram: Join Group Chat These are both artists and the most active people from the chats Telegram: Contact @near_protocol Telegram: Contact @near_prices Both a software developer and a musician. I will find time to coordinate my people while chatting.


Hi There,

Just chiming in that I’m super excited about this idea and super excited to participate. I’ve done (projection based) AR + data art for about 10+ years, and have now done about two years of intensive web based VR art (AR: 2010-2020 AR-Poetry — △Ark, VR: 2020+ VR Worlds — △Ark).

Personally, I’m extremely interested in the integration of NFTs (and/or virtual land parcels) and VR. I’d definitely like to explore what kinds of acquisitions/collecting one can currently do in spaces like cryptovoxels, decentraland, etc. I’m also just interested in conceptual NFT art generally.

I’d be happy to research, aquire, broadcast and comment on my findings and selections; however, the one thing that I would like to point out is that people think (and publish) at different paces. I wouldn’t want to do a write-up until I’d made a great aquisition, and that might take a while (I’d be happy to post on social media about the process, however).



Process and tidbits sound like the right fit for social. Long form does tend to take longer especially if it’s being peer reviewed. Honored to have you aboard!


Already seeing social media hype around the project! https://twitter.com/EmpressTrash/status/1425200330107604993?s=20

We realized it would be good to have a logo for a new twitter account. Will request funds to community source the logo along the lines of what HypeDAO did (pay artists for each entry, larger sum for the one we use).

We started a TG channel and are looking at bridging it to our different discord servers https://t.me/curatorsdao

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VR you say… may be some great learnings for the VR DAO in the work you publish
:eyes: @frnvpr @microchipgnu @Samiasns @JulianaM

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we’ll definitely be on the lookout :eyes: :ear:


And I’m also sure Incubadora’s POLIEDRO Art Residency will produce several artworks curators will be dying to buy :skull: :star_struck: Lot’s of great artists coming in and working together.


Appreciate the proposal! Looking forward to growing the CuratorsDAO and artist ecosystem on NEAR:)


Some updates

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We had a successful series of NEAR auctions on Sunday 9/5 in t.me/theAGAH with @danilpan0 throwing down.

August engagement summary for my @starpause account where the NEAR NFT shill is loud :yum:



CuratorsDAO was active during Paras #CARD4CARD event in August. Transactions were driven to all time highs for the platform.

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I am honored to be apart of this experiment!

I am nftbuzz.near and I have been collecting NFTs since q1 2020 and collecting crypto since 2016.

So far i have accumulated 583 NFTs on ETH
And 3,000+ NFTs on $NEAR with Paras!

My main web2 social media is twitter with 11.5K Followers where I post nonstop, RT, host giveaways and curate breathtaking art; while attending twitter spaces.

My favorite web3 social media is tryShowtime where I have 3,276 followers {more than Beeple}
I am leaning on the showtime team to integrate NFTs into their NFT Social Media.

I am loving the $NEAR ecosystem and so excited for the future of NEAR.

I also started the @curatorsDAO twitter

I curate an exclusive oncyber temple location for the DAO

Attached are some stats from twitter


Hi there -

With the curator dao funds from the last round, I spurred onboarding of 10-20 artists onto near (I honestly lost count), purchased many works off mintbase and paras, and commissioned a project for FamJam - a discord server I run - called Crypto Cat Wranglers - which half of the funds go to the artist who created the pieces and the other half to the DAO. Currently, that DAO is determining how to use the funds, but I believe the first project is to bridge technology gaps for marginalized people in our community by helping subsidize computer and/or tablet purchases for artists to have easier access to better creation technology.

Currently, this Crypto Cat Wranglers and select works I’ve collected are on display at my Cryptovoxels parcel: Cryptovoxels
MxSpite’s - an artist who organized Crypto Cat Wranglers - podcast interview with me is due to release this week to coincide with this show in which we discuss this project and NEAR protocol from an artist perspective. We are also considering holding twitter spaces this week to discuss all the work we have done on NEAR further.

My collecting and giving artists on NEAR love has been getting attention from other prominent artist/collectors in the space in private conversations and also retweeting of work I’ve collected.


Also my twitter stats for Aug~ boop

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