[PROPOSAL] New World Curator DAO - Curation tools for a more inclusive NFT market

Project Title: New World Curator DAO ($MUSE)

One-liner: We develop, support and document curatorial ingenuity for an all-inclusive NFT market.

**Summer DAO Projects: Breadcrumb and **NFTs For All - A reason to mint.

Challenge Area Onboarding 1000 Black NFT Art lovers from around the globe. Each with a story, community and reasons to engage.


  • Hanifah Walidah - NFT MA40AM Curator, Atlanta, GA (newworldcurator.near)
    Founding DAO Members
  • Natalie Crue - NFTstips and Rare Pizza Leader, Central Valley, CA
  • Kwame Symbolik NFT artist and Curator, Toronto (symbolik.near)
  • Joseph Henny NFT Artist, Curator, London/Ghana (jhennyart.testnet)
  • Sian Morson, Publisher of Blkchain.io, (siantheblkchain.testnet)
  • d.Sabela Grimes Movement artist and curator, Los Angeles, CA (sabelajoy.testnet)

Project summary: Breadcrumb and NFTs For All
This Summer, we plan to build our DAO community with two curated events leading up to Miami Basel in September and the AC3 conference, Atlanta in October. Breadcrumb are auto-generated collectible drops that lead others to art within the marketplace in a fun and intriguing way. NFTs For All uses Breadcrumb and other partnered curation projects to directly onboard and commit a cohort of 100 new fresh faces. Collectors who understand, appreciate and seek Diasporic art, collectibles, the possibilities of NFTs and a clear path to success with it. For some, NEAR, Mintbase, Createbase and Sputnik DAOs will be their first experience with NFTs or Blockchain. technology.

DAO General Challenge:
Dev support to create Breadcrumb generative collectibles and XR experiences

Functions of New World Curator DAO:

  • Propose new curations with the community and the community supports the curator to finalize their idea.
  • Encourage curations that involve art utility.
  • Experiment, expand, develop, prove and document varied curation methods within the ecosystem that can be applied successfully by others.
  • Produce a summer series of niche community targeted curated experiences/collections/drops. All leading up to MIAMI Basel/AC3 in Fall.
  • Attract, onboard and commit a fresh wave of NFT art collectors, artists and enthusiasts who have varied tastes and interests throughout the Diaspora.
  • Develop growth partners to sponsor, aid and participate in the facilitation of the curations.
  • Help transform how curation is experienced in the ecosystem
  • Provide and distribute bounty for member development and marketing of curations.
  • Maintain a NFT vault to be used as leverage for members.
  • Provide minting, collecting and display tools aligned with NWC’s mission and values
  • Dev and docs that assist in curations will be open source

New World Curator DAO Operations

New World Curator is a community of artists, curators, educators, activists, tastemakers, and connectors helping to address what the NFT space needs for all to fairly participate, innovate and benefit.

We are a community first.

Initial curation proposals are fleshed out and finalized on our community Mighty Network. There is no voting on our Mighty Network, just the progression of ideas until the curator feels they are ready to propose. Each proposed curation must include a method or means by which new people can gain access to the NEAR ecosystem and the possibilities of NFTs.

The finalized curatorial proposals are then officially submitted to our SPUTNIK DAO for specific or general support. Operational Proposals go direct to DAO Proposal.

Initial founding members will receive substantial $MUSE bounty and reputation for their participation in laying the groundwork and setting the tone of the community. New members can invest with reputation based bounty and the purchase of #MUSE tokens.


  • Devise and contribute to innovative curation and utility
  • Benefit from the success of those curations
  • Propose/Vote on DAO curations and operations
  • Invite and onboard others
  • Each NWC member will be able to mint a number of works using the New World Curator contract if they wish. In time we hope the NWC contract and brand will help leverage sales for membership. Sales under the New World Order Contract will be primarily distributed to collaborators/ artists / curators with a portion given to the DAO fund.
  • Vote and benefit from the purchase, utility and profits of the DAO NFTart Vault. Purchases are only proposed.

New World Curator aims to be blockchain agnostic, with its first instance built on the NEAR blockchain. We choose NEAR for its strong DAO community, tools, green ecosystem, cost-effectiveness, ease of wallet onboarding, and the simple open frontier.

We’ve partnered with Niftkit.com who are positioning themselves as a white-label tool for curation specific work. We hope to also partner with the NEAR dev community and attract devs to the NWC community to create the dapps needed to support curatorial projects.


This sounds awesome, just seeing this post for the first time. What’s current status and what level of funding are you looking for? Do you need any assistance with DAO or token setup? Looking forward!

Hi StarPause. Pardon. Its been wha 3 months since I checked back in. I’ve been starting small with setting up community on Discord and hosting a weekly clubhouse room called The NFT Curators Ball. Here is where I’m a regarding products coming down the pipe/ www.newworldcurator.com

I’ve recently returned o NEAR to develop a dapp to culivate a repository for NFT collage artists with the contribution of NFT art. I just posted about asking for dev help. Regarding the tokenomics of facilitating the repository, I would love your consultation if you’re still around after 3 months.

Here is the post I made about the repository