[Project Proposal] Proposal For The Recording Of An EP Titled "Love, Light And Peace"]

Inspired by my performance set for MarmaJchan’s Birthday Party, I would love to record a 3-track EP titled “Love, Light And Peace”.

With powerful vocal performances, the project will inspire positive vibes of self-love, appreciation and confidence in the audience.

I’ve got most of the lyrics to the 3 songs already, so it will not take all of January 2022 to finish up the entire project.

It’ll be my great pleasure to have this project featured on Emanate and minted as an NFT.

The Songs:

  1. The eponymous “Love, Light And Peace”

  2. Follow Me

  3. Night To Remember

Here’s a link to my song “Sanctify”

Here’s my profile on reverbnation.com
Gabriel | ReverbNation

My Instagram handle is Login • Instagram

Project Cost

$100 per track
$200 mixing and mastering.

Total - $500



Thanks for your proposal submission @AugustKinge we will update you once the council has a chance to go through all the January proposals. Happy holidays!

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Thank you, @vandal.

I look forward to getting the feedback. Happy holidays!

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Hi @AugustKinge we are happy to support your project. Please do note that the NFTs should be released on the NxM Mintbase store with a % of the sale going to the NxM DAO to support future projects. If you have any questions pls do let us know.


Hi @vandal

I’m happy to use Mintbase, and also to have 30% of the sales go to NxM DAO.

I’m sure that I can count on your help to get me through the modalities of getting the NFTs ready.

Many thanks to you and rest of the NxM DAO council members. :heart:


Hello everyone!
My EP has been finally minted!

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Hey @AugustKinge
Could you please write a more detailed report regarding your EP?

Also, we can’t find songs no. 2 and no. 3, could you please share with us where they are?
Thanks in advance!


Thanks @Paul

[I dropped the earlier report as a peg. Here’s a more detailed report]

My approved proposal to create an EP titled “Love, Light And Peace” is finally out.

I encountered several setbacks including changing producers and recording studios a couple of times mid-project. This made me incur quite a bulk of additional costs.

But thankfully, I finally got the quality and stability I wanted.

I have minted the three tracks on the NxM store on Mintbase and here are the links:

  1. Love, Light And Peace
  1. Follow Me
  1. A Night To Remember

I feel only gratitude to NxM and all her council members for the profound opportunity I and hundreds (soon to be thousands) of artistes have.


All the songs on this EP were born from my performance at the MarmaJ Birthday Party in December. I appreciate MarmaJ Foundation and @chloe :hugs:

I also appreciate all the NxM council members. I thank @vandal for guidance and @Paul for his leadership and patience.

I implore everyone to listen to my tracks. You’re going to like them​:musical_keyboard::notes::musical_note:

Cheers :clinking_glasses:


This song is beautiful :heart_eyes_cat: great job :clap:

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Thanks @Purpledots

You just made my day. :heart::heart: