[Project Proposal] Ayahuasca Dreams Music Project

Hello Nxm Fam,

I am Gustavo Manute, A music producer and Metaverse builder. Music has always been an inspiration for me since childhood and i made my first beat at the age of sixteen. Growing up in the big city of Sao Paulo was a little daunting as i had to work and at the same time pursue my dreams which wasnt really easy. But so far, i feel excited about everything going on within the NEAR ecosystem and the year has been a really manifesting one so far. From creating metaverse biuldings with real life architectural basis has been great.

I am submitting this proposal to share some of my music production skills with NxM, most pertinent, to reproduce Sao Paulo within the minds of the buyers of the Audio NFTS after they are minted.

I want to create something that has never been done before, to sequence long duration beats with poetry interjections at select intervals.

I would title this project, Ayahuasca Dreams. Yeah right, thats the plan, i intend to portray some religious experiences and the musical ambience of Sao Paulo.

Ayahuasca as the name implies would provoke some curiosity or controversy and this is good, as a strategy to sell NFTs and to make good content

Ayahuasca would contain 4 tracks with collaboration with interested NxM artistes, more pass with grasp of context

Track 1 Die to Live

Track 2 The Pleasure of Pain

Track 3 Tides

Track 4 Holograms

I would be producing this beats and have an NxM music artistes who also are familiar with poetry to feature on this tracks. I would need $100 in NEAR for the production and mastery of each track and some extra tokens to compensate the featured musical artistes on the project.

Here are some of my previous works:

This EP was composed by Carlos Boaventura and mixed and produced by me:

Cheers council,
Hope to get your interested feedback

I will need 50% in advance for recording logistics and studio sessions.
So It will be $150 for production of tracks an also $100 for first phase for compensating the poetry artist.


Hey @gushlewis thanks for submitting your proposal. It was difficult for me to find, as you didn’t use the appropriate tags (I updated the post title for you). I’ve linked it for the council so we can add more comments and provide you an update soonest!

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Hi @gushlewis hope you are doing well. I want to confirm with you the proposed budget for this project.

Please define how much you’re asking for an how it will be allocated.

Otherwise I think this project is suitable for funding, provided that once the songs are created they are minted on the NxM Mintbase store with a % of the sale going to NxM DAO. Feel free to add your thoughts and thanks for your proposal!


Im doing great!
Thanks for your response @vandal.
I would need $500 in Near.
$100 for production and mastery of each track.
$400 for compensating the poetry artists from each track.
I will also mint the songs on the NxM @Mintbase store according to the rules.


Thanks for the clarification @gushlewis. For me I’m happy to approve this project. Awaiting final confirmation from the council @Grace @zeitwarp @chloe also @Paul @Monish016 @nullzero if you feel link commenting as well, would be great to get your feedback!


Yep, happier now with the extra detail.

as with others…it would be good to see participation & updates in the community calls.


Looks good for me and I agree with @zeitwarp.

@gushlewis FYI, our next call is going to be on 8th of January on NxM telegram group.


Yes , truly noted, I have been doing tasks within the ecosystem but not really familiar with the Interface and how to navigate my way, but now I’ve found NxM … I’m already a prompt and contributing member for sure. Thanks for your attention!


Hello everyone!
I might have been missed the real studio pricing.
So I will actually need, $150 for production of tracks an also $100 for first phase for compensating the poetry artist.
I have invited John X to perform on the tracks and we are already working on it.

Is this okay?

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Hey @gushlewis should be ok as it totals $250, which is 50% of the requested budget. Do make the edits in the original post above and then you can submit it to the DAO. Don’t forget to use the current exchange rate of $/N ok!

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