Project: developing the script of the feature film: the brazilwood women



Proponent: @thaisampr

THE BRAZILWOOD WOMEN proposes a 90-minute feature-length fiction screenplay that will be written and directed by @thaisampr

About the film-project:

Thais, Nathalia, Julia and Tetembua decide to open a "Men’s Escort Company” as a solution to women’s desires in search of casual sex.

Proposal Description
Thais, Nathalia, Julia and Tetembua tired of complicated relationships or having to deal with cis heterosexual men when it comes to having casual sex, decide to create a company and an application of “escort men” to satisfy the desire of several women in need. In the film, the 4 characters reflect, each in her own way, on the position of women in relation to her desires, as a search to deconstruct the ideal of love and sensuality and question the binary world.

THE BRAZILWOOD WOMEN is a comic film, aimed to the adult audience. The plot revolves around four BIPoC women (cisgender, transgender and a gender-non-conforming) Julia, 45 years old, Thais, 42 years old, Nathalia, 47 years old, and Tetembua, 40 years old, who are tired of complicated relationships or having to deal with straight cis men when it comes to casual sex and decide to create a "Men’s Escort Company” and an app to satisfy the needs of many women.

The film has an ironic tone and brings with the four characters, quite different point of views on relationship.

In the film, the 4 characters reflect, each in her own way, on the position of women in relation to her desires, as a search to deconstruct the ideal of love and sensuality and question the binary world.


JULIA, 45 years old, trans woman, Japanese descent. Lacanian psychologist and full of love to give. She is heterosexual, monogamous, but with doubts, and is more coy.

NATHALIA, 47 years old, cis woman, white, with Argentinean descent. She is an international events producer. She is heterosexual, dominatrix, and monogamous and suggests the idea of having a company of men to satisfy the desires of women seeking casual sex. (@nathalialorda )

TETEMBUA, 40 years old, cis woman, black. She is bisexual, a programmer, passionate about C++ and fascinated by robotics, is self-sufficient and pro-vibrators. Tetembua at this moment seeks to develop an android in the straight cis male version for some tests and improvements of the species.

THAIS, 42, woman-non-conforming, brown skinned. She is a painter who has a fascination with flowery vaginas. She tends to be the most curious of the group and relativizer, defends the idea of polyamory, polysexuality, polyhousing, and always thinks everything is cute, without judgments of morality.

THE BRAZILWOOD WOMEN was born from a long-standing desire to respond filmically to the documentary “The Erotic Man” (Det Erotiske Menneske, Denmark, 2010), by Danish filmmaker Jørgen Leth, where the process of creation transpires as a metalinguistic and philosophical thought. Leth’s work is a record of his personal experiences, where he personifies old loves in a reflection on eroticism, sensuality, and love. Since then, the desire to respond and dialogue with the film has been running through my mind, coming back in different ways. While watching the film, the questions came up, how do I feel desire? how do I feel love? Sex? Is it the same way? And more than that, I wondered what is a man, what is a woman, what are female and male bodies?
So I invited three women, close friends, to reflect these ideas together: an African decent woman, a white woman (both cis) and a Japanese decent woman (trans), all from Brazil. In this answer version, we created fictional characters and started from the objectification of the straight cis male body, “of men and their eroticism”, to reflect and demystify the binary world regarding the terms “masculine” and “feminine”, thinking about a society where bodies start to move around, dualities become more and more obsolete and it is essential to bring these new looks to the formation of thought, to the public and to undo the miscasting carved for so long with so much pain and exclusion.
What we propose here is to discover, or better, to start questioning how a person, recognized as a woman (cis or trans) in our society, feels attraction for a man; how she faces sex with no affective connection; how she falls in love; how she sees monogamy or polyamory in a relationship; how she would like to be loved; how she would like to be desired, etc. In this path we seek the deconstruction of being a woman and being a man, marked by patriarchal social standards. The film flirts with the fantastic and the absurd, with scenes that become musicals, or objects that become magic, men who become holograms and so on.
We are looking for international co-producers that could help us to make the shooting of the film possible and new regards for my script (that won the Special ARCHÉ Jury Award for Best Project in development stage, was part of ARCHÉ and in TORINO FILM LAB NEXT COMEDY). As we are entering new paths of genre deconstruction, I would like to research for this film mainly for this idea: how a film can start its discussion from two apparently antagonistic objects “Woman vs. Man” and how we can, in unfolding of the film, opening the discussion to new perspectives of what could be a becoming a woman, a becoming a man, including also a non-binary becoming. How these ideas can fit into one movie. How to embrace all these themes without seeming shallow, immature or even without specific focus. As a film that brings so many desires, it will be able to discuss these points concisely, without getting lost in the world of ideas.

Besides the idea of constructing the film, the desire is to develop an application that also serves as a transmedia game between the narrative construction of the film and the app. Having the possibility of one interfering in the creation of the other.

We also created a multi-chain store where it is also possible to access the profile of these possible “” escorts “”. Everything is still very fictional and we play in the mockmentarie universe.

Artistic Part
As an artist, I’ve always been fascinated by the complexities of sex, sexual identity, and the crisis that surrounds them. I’ve explored themes such as porn, erotic aesthetics, and the representation of bodies in our society. My work has also touched on post-porn politics. Through my art, I celebrate gender and its many facets, including, nakedness, and the future of sex.
As I create, I often ponder questions about desire, love, and sex. I wonder if they’re all experienced in the same way or if there are nuances that make them unique. Additionally, I contemplate what it means to be a man or a woman, and how female and male bodies are defined, since now non-conforming bodies, non-binary bodies are also part of our lives. These questions fuel my creativity and inspire me to push the boundaries of traditional gender roles.
Recently, I’m developing a film project that explores the female desire on canvas.


Wishing you success with this idea. This is really a pleasure when Web3 comunity touches the cinematographic art.


Hello @Michael_S ! Thank you so much!
we are discovering step by step how cinema can increasingly make its way into the web3 and it has been a very pleasurable discovery. New pulsating narratives!


Would be happy to see where you come during this process! Hope that the modern AI-technologies will also help you to optimize the process.

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Playing with the thematic

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