[CONCLUDED] Combating Violence Against Women - a talk with Iara Bonfante

Proponent: Filmes de Infiltração

NEAR account for payment: filmesdeinfiltracao.near

Project Timeline: May 10th – May 31st
Meeting: 05/24/2022

Objective: In times where bellicose energies arise, where war, political issues along with patriarchy’s massive attack against women, the shout is necessary!

We propose here a talk with the activist and president of the Municipal Council for Women’s Rights in Santa Cruz do Sul, Brazil, Iara Bonfante, who is dedicated to the cause in defense of women, their rights, non-discrimination, gender equality and equity, and the end of violence against women.

She has been fighting for the cause for more than 20 years and comes to the live chat to share her wisdom.

The conversation will be streamed on youtube and will have the participation of Ghini, curator of FEMINU and meta-architect, who has been thinking about the theme and started her artistic searches in this direction and with the mediation of Thais de Almeida Prado, who in 2019 created the project “EXPURGO. DA VIOLÊNCIA. DOS CORPOS QUE COLIDEM. DA ASFIXIA. DO MEDO DE UMA METRÓPOLE” where she invited artists from various fields to respond with their bodies, sounds, images and words to the theme of VIOLENCE. The project encompassed from dance works, to theater, radio plays, performances, installations and audiovisual performances.

For this project, we will also invite an artist from FEMINU to produce a poster.

The talk will be posted on FEMINU Youtube channel and will be available to the entire near community.

Iara Bonfatti - 200 USD
Thais de Almeida Prado - 200 USD

Total Budget - 400 USD

Artistic name: Filmes de Infiltração
multidisciplinary artist

Filmes de Infiltração permeates the interdisciplinary boundaries between the visual arts, cinema, theater, dance, working many times in collaboration with other artists.

twitter: @de_infiltracao | Filmes de Infiltração

Greetings to the community
keep fighting without fighting, to nurse with love.


If you want to deepen the gender discussion, I can participate talking about how violence against non-binary people is also very cruel at times.


Que maravilha!! Amei essa proposta! Já quero assistir :heart:


@LulucaL we at FEMINU DAO, have a schedule of several videos, and an exclusive video about non-binaries is already scheduled.
And your name was already on this project whether you want it or not. You spoiled the surprise.

We thought we would make a separate video to give it more visibility.
There will be other videos as well, but we don’t want to spoil the surprises.

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Today on FEMINU’s YOUTUBE Chanel