[PRIZE] Prize on Voxels for best costume

The Metaverse DAO is sponsoring part of a prize on Voxels to best costumes of the avatars. The prize happens July 1st, 8pm EST. And we are sponsoring the second place of 200 usd and third place of 100 usd, paid on stable coin on near blockchain. Best prize of 500 usd sponsored by Voxels itself. The justification is to improve Metaverse DAO visibility and NEAR visibility, by making awesome artists to make near wallets and receive in near, in order to generate interest. This will also generate visibility because it is an official event from Voxels, so their marketing team is working on it and we expect a good amount of people. We expect at least 50 people in the event and to open at east 2 near wallets for Voxels artists.

Set up your costume and come!
The event will take place here: Voxels
Judges: Metaverse DAO, Vox Walk (Hyperspek) and Metacat.

Deliverables by the DAO: 2 near wallets, prizes for 2 artists, event with 50 people, partnership with an official Voxels event, with Vox Walk and with Metacat in the sponsorship.

Source of funding: treasury

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who is the DJ?
how long is the duration of whole event? )

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DJ is Purpletariat. The event is still going. :smiley: Come, @johanga!


Hi question here., is the event still open.? May i know if we really need to buy the rest costume.?

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The event is now on the party time, after that catwalk and the judges deciding the winners, but you are welcome to come. You dont need to buy wearables. You can make your own and submit to a public collection (I have a public collection where people can mint wearables for free, in case you want to build your costume). Prepare for the next one, on the next island. We will announce it with more time in advance when it happens.

Wow great. I will visit now :raised_hands:

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This is fun,. Somehow im lost in track…i cant find the right place to get wearables. Also sites loading slow for me… :disappointed_relieved: i want to participate but i kind of trouble keep searching for sign in place.

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Let me know when you are ok next week and i take you there and teach you have to set up things. You should know a software called MAGICA VOXEL, that is used to build the wearables. Every wearable must be 32x32x32 or smaller.

Ok thank you sir., i will be on next week.

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Jami, I have been messing around with Voxels for over a year now, it takes a bit of time to get used to but is really fun as you figure it out. Congrats to Yumika for winning also! + Lexx for 3rd, great company for the podium and I know we all spend an insane amount of time in Magica!


Thank you, @wackozacco! So glad that you won one of the prizes! Also glad for Lexx and Yumika. You are all wonderful artists! We are also very glad of being able to show you more about NEAR.

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Wacko’s proposal on astro of 200 dai for 2nd place is here: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/metaverse-dao.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/metaverse-dao.sputnik-dao.near-463

1 near sent to open Wacko’s wallet:

0.25 N: https://explorer.mainnet.near.org/transactions/DGvedHY93VMfpWcnKdWbQ2tdLHFLU52gRZangrQCYGqP

0.75 N: https://explorer.mainnet.near.org/transactions/HC1hUXgjvC9TjbpKoGJn2Jqjg7f9q4TQuKwYeQhUKm7P

Traffic of people in our event (more than 500 people):

VoxTours 1

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1 near sent to onboard Lexx, third place on the contest: NEAR Explorer | Transaction

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I got my prize. Thank you so much! It was such a nice event and I can’t wait to do it again!


Thank you, Lexx, for participating. We are very glad you won and that we could onboard you on near blockchain. If you have any doubts, please let us know. :smiley:

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