Potlock Attestation Framework For Impact Evaluation

I’m working with the Potlock team to standardize attestation and impact evaluation schemas for the evolving open-source public goods donation process.

To accomplish this goal, we’re leveraging the Hyperfiles knowledge graph type schema, which abstracts the two core types of everything.dev to enable flexible and highly specific explicit “attestations” - references between objects following standardized schemas.

The current implementation for Potlock Attestation Schemas can be found in the following repository: Hyperfiles Attestation Schemas for Potlock

One of the challenges we’re facing is designing conditional logic to appropriately restrict use of the Potlock Attestation Framework to ecosystem participants who have proven sufficient reputation through verifiable on-chain activity. These verifiable activities can take the form of attestations generated by other actors (e.g. other users or smart contracts). By using standardized types schemas, we can evaluate reputation of individual actors through and evaluation of the attestations they’ve given and received.

Conditional logic for attestations is implemented via resolver contracts that restrict the behavior of a given attestation schema and/or the population of users wishing to leverage that schema. Examples of common resolver contracts employed by users of Ethereum Attestation Service can be found at the following link: https://github.com/ethereum-attestation-service/eas-contracts/blob/master/contracts/resolver/examples/

What attestations schemas would you like to see on Potlock and how do you imagine they would be most effectively implemented, potentially by using resolver contracts?

Attestations will be implemented as buttons, checkboxes, and in dropdown menus on Potlock project pages. Some attestations will be able to be made by referencing a Near Social post containing the correct types of data (fields/properties) - standardized through the relevant schemas (e.g. referencing a post to document project updates/progress reports and attest to their validity).

This work is being supported by Build DAO: [Proposal] Hyperfiles Funding Request (February 2024)