Application for FundingAi Proposal


FundingAI is a project centred around AI-driven search, where users can explore various categories and discover related projects. The platform aims to leverage the power of artificial intelligence to provide accurate and relevant search results. Furthermore, the project incorporates a donation feature with Potlock, allowing users to contribute funds to public good to support the showcased projects.


  • Create a AI governance modal that pulls on chain profiles
  • Encourage registration of projects to NEAR Social and regular on chain models to onboard more people on chain
  • Provide alternative and automated funding models to NDC
  • Reinforce NEAR as an AI chain and apply to non-public goods use cases
  • Allow basis for impact tracking framework to tune model and make open decisions

Key Features:

AI-powered Query System: FundingAi integrates advanced AI algorithms to enable users to query projects on Potlock. The AI system analyzes user preferences, interests, and ideas to provide tailored recommendations for projects that match their criteria. This ensures that users can easily discover and support projects that align with their values and goals.

Donation Flexibility: FundingAi allows users to fund to either the entire category or specific projects that match their ideas. Users can choose to contribute to a broad category, such as “Education” or “Environment,” or target their donations towards individual projects within those categories. This flexibility empowers users to have a direct impact on the projects they are passionate about.

Impact-Based Assessment: FundingAi incorporates an impact-based assessment framework to evaluate the potential social, environmental, and economic impact of projects. By utilizing AI analytics and data-driven metrics, FundingAi provides users with comprehensive information about a project’s expected outcomes and its alignment with Potlock’s values of funding public goods. This transparency helps users make informed decisions when selecting projects for donation.


Enhanced User Experience: FundingAi simplifies the process of discovering and donating to projects on Potlock. The AI-powered query system ensures that users receive personalized recommendations, saving them time and effort in finding projects that align with their interests and ideas. Given’s Potlock’s new permisisonless list feature this can apply for any use case.

Increased Funding Efficiency: By utilizing AI algorithms, FundingAi optimizes the allocation of funds to projects that have the highest potential for impact. This improves the efficiency of funding distribution, maximizing the positive outcomes of donations and promoting the growth of impactful projects.

Transparency and Accountability: FundingAi promotes transparency by providing users with detailed impact assessments and information about project outcomes. This transparency builds trust between donors and project creators, ensuring that funds are utilized effectively and in line with Potlock’s mission of funding public goods.

Scalability and Growth: FundingAi’s ability to attract new channels of capital expands the funding pool for projects on Potlock. This increased funding potential enables projects to scale their operations, reach wider audiences, and create even greater positive impact in their respective fields.

Current process

At present, we are in the process of building on BOS, but we have not secured funding for the project yet. However, our platform offers several key features that can be highlighted:

  • AI Search Based on Keywords: Our system incorporates artificial intelligence to provide a powerful search functionality. Users can input keywords or phrases related to their desired projects or topics, and the AI algorithms will generate relevant results, maximizing the efficiency of information retrieval.
  • Comprehensive Project Details: Our platform ensures that users have access to detailed information about each project. This includes essential details such as project objectives, team members, Social. By providing a comprehensive overview, we strive to enable users to make informed decisions and gain a deeper understanding of the projects.
  • Funding Opportunities: Funding public good for selected projects

Amount Requested (in USDC)

5.000 USDC


Deliverables in 2 months:

Month 1:

  • Develop and implement an AI governance modal that pulls on-chain profiles.
  • Encourage project registration on NEAR Social and regular on-chain models to increase blockchain adoption.
  • Establish alternative and automated funding models for the NEAR Development Community (NDC).

Month 2:

  • Strengthen NEAR’s position as an AI chain and explore its application in non-public goods use cases.
  • Set up the basis for an impact tracking framework to fine-tune the AI model and enable transparent decision-making.

About Team

Hoang Hai Nguyen - Developer, founder Magic Build

Kuro Denjiro - Developer, co-founder Magic Build, Contributor of Potlock

Payout Address



  • Link: near. social/funding-ai.near/widget/chat.home