[Pay Out] Aftermovie with Collab with LENS DAO


Changa Records DAO knows that people like to remember their experiences after an event or a festival. So we decided to produce an aftermovie of the event “Fractal Atmosphere”. Also, an aftermovie can be a powerful advertising tool for further events.

Roadworks from LENS DAO has already been shooting multiple videos for other DAOs like Graffiti DAO, muti DAO and Arroz Criativos.

forestusoberus.near - João Freire
alessandrascoffi.near - Alessandra Scoffi
lunatikculture.near - Luna Nicke
roadworks.near - Christofer
psinje.near - Psinje


Since it is a cooperation between the Changa Records DAO and Lens DAO we decide to split the costs for this inside project by 50/50:

200 USD for cosmiclobo.near (1.5 days of image and light assistance)
750 USD to roadworks.near (for 2 days of filming, 2 days of editing)
Sub-Total: 950 USD : 2 = 475 USD each DAO


375 DAI paid to: roadworks.near filming and editing video
100 DAI paid to: psinje.near for assitence in filming

You can check the aftermovie in this link:



Really great to see the collaborations happening here!

Just to clarify, Changa Records DAO is asking for 475USD and Lens DAO is asking for 475USD?

I am also wondering what your plans will be if this shoot does not happen due to weather?

Hey Adrian!

Yes, Changa Records DAO will ask for 475 and Lens DAO will ask for 475

If the Film isnt Happening, we will postpone for our next event happening arround october “Digital Nomad”

Best Regards

Changa Records

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PS: We just realised that we wrote the wrong value in the main proposal. I corrected already to 475 each DAO