[Partnership Proposal] Datality and ARterra partnership

Hey ARterra team,

We can achieve organic growth through a successful partnership. At Datality, we buy and sell data on Near, and we want to join forces with projects that bring crypto to end-users. I will be happy to show you how our collaboration will help you achieve your goals. Do you want to learn more?

Pick any time from my Calendly, or drop me a message here.

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I think this may be posted in the incorrect place? Did you mean to send it as a message to someone?

Hey David, that is what I was going to do. I want to develop a partnership structure between companies built on Near. Where can I propose that?

I’d recommend reaching out to the company directly

Is there a way how can I contribute to the network development on Near Forum?

What did you have in mind?

If I can’t post a partnership proposal here to attract the company’s attention, is there another way I can do it on Forum? Or am I using the wrong tool?

I think you’re using the wrong tool, it would only attract the attention of a company if they were regularly using the forum or if you tagged them directly.

Happy to hear if you have any ideas on how we could expand that use-case to the forum, though?

Generally, for partnerships, I’d recommend making a direct contact. So in the case of Arterra, I can see their Twitter DMs are open and they have a public Discord.


Good advice. For the functionality part, please add the separate partnerships tab, where projects can send offers to each other and get notified of that. Here is the place for discussions, then why do all the partnerships happen away from the Near? The negotiations themselves don’t have to be open, but the proposals and requests should be seen.

I don’t think that’s feasible, because how can you be sure the company you’re targeting has a presence here?

The ecosystem is huge, and partnerships generally happen off-forum. I don’t think it makes sense to add it with the current functionality of the forum IMO.

You may be correct, but this was just one thought that can start a good brainstorming session inside your team.

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For sure man, and I’ll definitely have a chat with the team - anyone reading can feel free to chime in, too :100: