[Proposal]Sparx 3 Month Proposal


I will focus on partnering Near with music applications. (and other type of apps if the opportunities arise)

Goals/ Definition of Success:

Ideally I will have 3-5 projects building on NEAR within my first 3 months of business development, partnership planning, and developer outreach. The devs working on these partnerships will be net-new developers to these projects (from NCD, or outside the Near ecosystem)


I will commit 50-60 hours a month to scouting opportunities, BD outreach to projects and potential partners. And providing guidance as a liaison to the Near ecosystem to projects who show interest in building something that incorporates Near.

On the other side of the people equation, I will scout out developers who can be used to integrate Near into these partnership opportunities. This will involve locating developer sources like “The developer DAO” among others, testing their abilities & communication skills and pairing them with the partner projects. I will refer to many of the learnings Ross has acquired while hiring developers for the growth team.

I will update the growth team on my progress every other day in slack, and will have a weekly 1-on-1 with Ross. When partnerships come out of my work, I will write them up on the Near Forum.

Tasks TLDR:

  1. Find strategic partners to integrate Near
  2. Incubate projects building on Near, and ensure they have what they need.
  3. Find developers to execute these projects

Wallet: sparx.near


@sparx great to have you here! Based on your background in the music industry and NFTs, I’m excited to see the partnerships that come from your work.


Sounds awesome, how much funding are you requesting?