[OVERVIEW] Dao to Dao collaboration | Filipino Artist Guild | APRIL - JUNE 2023

What: Filipino Artist Guild’s dao to dao collaboration.We will be co-working with different daos to implement projects,events, share ideas and knowledge that will be essential to the growth of the Near ecosystem.


  • Collaborate with different daos, project owners and builders within the ecosystem.
  • Share valuable ideas, hold an event whether it be AMA, art contest, art jam, workshop etc. that will promote harmonized relationship and growth of every daos that we will have collaboration with.

When: APRIL - JUNE 2023 (2nd and 4th week of the month)

Why: We, Filipino Artist Guild believe that co-existing will be beneficial for the growth of ecosystem as we share valuable thoughts, ideas and techniques on how to handle the community better.


  • Build a strong relationship with different people and leaders within the web3 community.
  • Both DAO’s project/event will be promoted as there will be double engagement as per community member.
  • Improvements within the community will be visible as we will be able to reflect on different daos.

Budget Allocation:
50$/week (6 weeks)

  • Art events
  • AMA
  • Giveaways