Optimistic DAO, an Airdrop mechanism

A mechanism of social token airdrop by KCL(Key Community Leader) based on Crypto-economic Validity Game.

At a high level the airdrop submission & validity game is as follows:

  1. KCLs post a security deposit and create a sub_DAO to start airdrop.
  2. Each airdrop claim contains [twitter handle, retweet&pin, account].
  3. Airdrops are approved at a sub_DAO contract by a bonded KCL on a first come first serve basis (or round robin if desired).
  4. Anyone may prove an airdrop invalid, winning a portion of the KCL’s security deposit.
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Hey @jack,

This is a neat idea!

Where are you thinking of going with it? Let us know if you need any assistance on this front

Hi @David_NEAR

HAK DAO is the first [Optimistic DAO] on sputnik DAO V2, then
we will find KCLs to create sub_DAO

1,Twitter https://twitter.com/hakisnear (11.9K Followers)
2,HAK DAO SputnikDAO 2 (700+ NEAR wallets added proposal)