[Introduction] LP DAO

INTRODUCING LP DAO - a DAO for Live Performers!

Hey there NEARians! Some of us have been in discussion about bringing live performers and live performances to the Metaverse. There are already a lot of DJs in the space, but not so many live performances.

We would like to change that!


To bring live performers into the Metaverse. These performances can be music, dance, poetry readings, comedy, and magic, to name a few. Basically, anything that can be presented live.


Our vision is one that puts live performers first and encourages interaction with the community through the initiatives set forth by the DAO. By leveraging the NEAR ecosystem we aim to showcase how the LP DAO can impact the future of Performance3.


  1. Facilitate the release of Performance NFTs
  2. Provide a platform to showcase live talent
  3. Onboard any and, as many live performers into the web3 space as possible
  4. Educate the community by showcasing the ecosystem tools
  5. Fund creative endeavors by the community
  6. Encourage collaboration
  7. Create opportunities and reward participation
  8. Establish partnerships with the broader ecosystem


Months 1 to 3

  • Establish a DAO on Astro to build our community
  • Start social media channels - Telegram, IG, Twitter, Facebook
  • Liaise with the Design DAO to create a logo
  • Build Metaverse spaces both in NearHub and Cryptovoxels
  • Set up a Twitch account to facilitate the live performances
  • Hire a marketing manager to start gathering participants, create an audience, promote up and coming events
  • Start organizing our first Metaverse event, which will be a virtual talent show called “The Metaverse’s Got Talent”
  • Create a voting procedure that includes knowledgeable judges and audience participation

Months 4 to 6:

  • Start the virtual talent show “The Metaverse’s Got Talent” in both the CV and NearHub metaverses, which will run throughout this quarter with a winner announced at the end.
  • Continue with promoting the talent show on the various social media platforms
  • Continue to acquire followers and participants
  • Organize a big metaverse party to celebrate the talent show winner(s)

Months 7 to 9:

  • Highlight the winner(s) of the talent show using social media
  • Provide funding to the winner(s) to organize a live show in the area they are performing from
  • Coordinate the winner(s) live shows to happen in the metaverse simultaneously
  • Work with other DAOs, like the Metaverse DAO to record performances in RL and performances in the metaverse
  • Continue to promote our initiatives

Months 10 to 12:

  • Review our progress in the first 3 quarters
  • Tweek our actions accordingly, especially to promote mass adoption to tie the Metaverse to RL live performances
  • Start planning for the next years talent show
  • Continue with promotion


  • Integration of NEAR ecosystem dApps & tools
  • Onboard live performers to NEAR and Web3 in general
  • DAO to DAO collaborations & community support

Core Council Members:

Gemini Rising - Gemini Rising has been a digital artist since the early 80’s specializing in video art. She has been working in the Metaverse since 2007, where she experimented in a space called Second Life. There she created a live performance drumming group called DRUM. Using sound loops, code, animations and SL building techniques, herself and her fellow group members created drum sets that they used to perform across the Second Life metaverse.

She has been in the Web3 space since 2019 where she has been creating NFTs. In January of 2022 she joined the INA DAO council, and has been an active member since.

Gemini Rising is also a documentary filmmaker winning numerous awards, including an Emmy and a couple of Geminis (Canada).

Vandal - With an alias like Vandal some might imagine a renegade hacker or anonymous graffiti writer, but they’d be wrong. Cutting his teeth in the mid 90s Toronto Hip Hop scene Jason “Vandal” Schadt is an artist, entrepreneur, community builder and the founder of DAOrecords, a bleeding edge Audio NFT ecosystem with its home in the Metaverse.

Together with a growing community of artists he is reimagining the music industry, one block at a time through his work experimenting and innovating in the Music NFT space and the development of DAOrecords, one of the first decentralized Web3 record labels.

Klara Kopi - Klara Kopi has been singing since childhood when her mother first took her to sing in church. She also sang in a choir during her teenage years. Later, Klara performed with numerous bands, from rock to trip hop.

Klara graduated in the Arts and is now also involved in the visual arts scene. She has recently found a fertile environment in Web3, so she can keep creating and connecting with people from all over the world.

As a NEAR Protocol community member, she also works as an Interviewer and council for the Metaverse DAO.


LP DAO on Astro

Telegram channel. Please join and pass it on if you like! Telegram: Join Group Chat


This is amazing! :star_struck:
We’ve been discussing with @karendasilva and @doradacruz, our Planting AIR residents, how performance can live and interact within the community and makes all the sense to have such a DAO. Great initiative. We’ll definitely reach out to you for more insights :speech_balloon:


Looking forward to contributing to this awesome DAO! We ALL know the Metaverse got talent!!!


Awesome initiative​:clap:
I’m sure this will create room for talents to exhibit as well drive more knowledge to users who are still new to the metaverse.
Great DAO. :+1:


I’m so excited to be a part of this!!
The Metaverse has a lot of talent for sure!
It will be amazing to see all this amazing talented people perform live :smiley:
I’m very honored to be a part of this :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


Lets go!!! :heart: This sounds really awesome. Excited to interact with the talented Metaverse peeps :grin:


That’s amazing, want to see it <3


The LP DAO has been created on Astro!!
We have also created a Telegram channel. Please join and pass it on if you like! Telegram: Join Group Chat


Thank you for the telegram link.


Hi @creativesdao-council , could you please create a tag for LP DAO ( lp-dao )?
Thank you! Have a great day!

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Loving reading the word of the performance being brought to the community. I love/am :heart: