Online Meeting for NEAR Turkey

Yesterday we did a great conference. They invited most active near’s forum members and all community. We are like a 8-10 men-woman but it was really good to understand more informations in near ecosystem. We told about our future plans and what should we do next, we are still growing on Turkey Platform. We want to to do our best and waiting your helps too!

Again thanks for who invited me to this great meeting! See you guys on later conferences…


You’re welcome @MezonQuark I’m delighted to meet you.
I’m sure we will onboard many enthusiast developers like you after Istanbul and Yalova meeting. Let’s continue from this thread and post all updates here: Introduction & Open Call for Near Turkish Community - #16 by KriptoRaptor

I believe you will be a good developer and also help ecosystem grow by taking part in Education initiatives :hugs:

Best Wishes Good Luck GIF by reactionseditor


Thanks @KriptoRaptor i hope :slight_smile: Let’s grow together!