[ON HOLD] |muti.rec: funding of a studio session for musicians

okay thank you, ive gone make another proposal for 300 DAI now

@tabear @ted.iv

I can help Tom set up a Near wallet, but for onboarding he isnt yet interested.

For sure let’s mint an NFT or two or four. It’d be very cool for me!

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Hey @Mareelawn
thanks for the patience. After our meeting, we’ve agreed that we can fund this project in two equal parts over the course of January and February (ie. 350 this month and 350 next month). If this is ok with you, we’re happy to finalise it in our budget for the month.


This is great news! Thank you team Muti



I would love to take this opportunity in February to release a 4 track EP in March.

Project name - umhume

Funding period - February 2022

Composition, production and mixing - umhume.near
Mastering - TBC
Artwork - TBC

About me:
“Umhume” means cave, the place where I live.
Music composer/producer based in Portugal, been DJing in underground rave parties under this alter-ego for over 5 years and now is the time to release original productions that have been slowly fermenting in the depths of my mind.
For this first release, the focus will be the “4 to the floor” structure, creating an eclectic mix of hypnotic dancefloor focused tunes, whether in downtempo or upper BPMs, bright or dark themes, expect groove.
A collection of NFTs will be created to pair with the songs, although given the limitations upon minting, a shorter version of the songs will be used.

Soundcloud: Stream umhume music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud
IG: umhume

The budget breakdown:

200 USD - Composing, Production & Mixing
100 USD - Mastering
100 USD - Artwork
50 USD - Promo & Marketing

Artwork and Mastering are still to be confirmed, nevertheless, the invited artist and engineer will be onboarded within the ecosystem, in case they are not part of it already.

My proposed budget is flexible and in case there are more proposals for muti.rec, I suggest to split the funding in:

300 USD - February
150 USD - March

Looking forward to see this coming to life and support muti collective, let me know if i need to adjust anything here!
Much love :green_heart:


Hey @achoNacho & @Mareelawn , you can both request the first part of your project funding now via the muti astrodao here.

AchoNacho - 400$ in DAI
Mareelawn - 350$ in DAI
(as per the January budget, here.)

Make sure to request it in DAI rather than NEAR in the astrodao. We converted to the stablecoin in order to guarantee the requested amount.

Any questions feel free to ask!

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Awesome! Done (i think)

@Mareelawn , it doesn’t seem to be there in the astrodao.
When requesting DAI on astrodao, sometimes you need to allow for popups in your browser for the transaction to be accepted by your wallet. You can message me on telegram if you need any help with this.

@achoNacho same for you, just let me know if you need assistance!

It seems to be working

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Is this OK or should I do it again?

@Mareelawn Woops, must have been voted on quickly by the other council members before I saw it. That’s fine, you should have it in your wallet! If you need any help converting the DAI to NEAR, let me know. Cheers

Great! I’ve done the request (I’m not really sure if correctly, but is looking good) !!

Screenshot 2022-01-18 at 20.37.22|690x266


@umhume Thanks for the proposal! Looks good to me.
Happy to include this in the February budget for muti rec

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@achoNacho Looks good.
Just voted!


First off, thank you for the first half of the funds. Here’s a brief update on where we’re at (aka, the facts):
-we have successfully recorded our second EP (props to @mwhyden), for which said funds had been allocated (props to @tabea and muti);
-said EP is in its post-production phase and set to be released in April 2022;
-meanwhile, we have also successfully created artwork for NFTs, which has been sent to muti and, therefore, will be minted in the near future (days, like).
-finally, for the sake of near-sighted transparent democracies everywhere, we now have a The Tourorists near wallet (thetourorists.near), in which we would like to receive the second half of the funds.
Thank you, again.


Thanks a lot! Looking forward listening to the final outcome and the mints. Please request the payout of 500 DAI from our DAO


Hello, hello!

We have received our funding for the month of February, so you guys can send in your payout proposals to the muti astrodao:

The values this month are in NEAR as we are adapting to the new payout structure with the Creatives DAO, which you can read more about here.

All the values above relate to our February funding request which you can check here.

Let me know if anyone has questions and thank you all for the proposals :orange_heart: :purple_heart:

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Done, awesome :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

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Hey there!
Would like to give an update on the current process of the EP
Production process got a bit delayed but the 4 tracks are nearly finished and going into mixing process
Will upload a unmixed preview from all 4 tracks here as soon as I finish rendering the audios
NFTs to mint with small audioclips from the tracks are on the works too, the artist I was working with suddenly went silent about the process so I am figuring out the bits around that as well and update as soon as possible :orange_heart:

Much love peepz


Thanks for the update and looking forward to hearing it!

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