[Official Thread] LunaNova

LunaNova are an independent and experienced UK operation running sophisticated blockchain infrastructure to make cryptoassets work. We deploy our own closely-monitored, enterprise-grade hardware in two high-availability datacentres and carefully design our systems to provide multiple-layers of redundancy.

We have participated in NEAR’s StakeWars and ran nodes on Betanet and Testnet before being one of the first validators invited on to Mainnet during Phase 1, supported by a delegation from the NEAR foundation.

Supporting Network Development
We run two testnet nodes, identical in specification to our mainnet nodes. Not only does this support the network in its long-term development but crucially it also enables us to verify any modifications to our operational procedures before their use on mainnet.

Increasing Censorship-Resistance
Our ongoing investment in resources outside of the major cloud-providers improves network decentralization and robustness, both key drivers of protocol value.

Actively Involved in Network Governance
A crucial yet often overlooked area and one we strive to play a strong role in, to help NEAR reach its true potential.

General information

  • Organization Name: LunaNova
  • Official Website: https://lunanova.tech
  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Languages: English

Communication Channels

NEAR articles and tools

Technical Information:

  • Staking Pool Address: lunanova.poolv1.near

  • Fees: 9% (10% of our NEAR validator profits are donated to medical research charities.)

  • Robust Infrastructure:
    Mainnet and Testnet nodes are located on enterprise-grade hardware at two independent high-availability UK datacentres, enabling failover in the event of an incident. This is also backed by an up-time guarantee (details to follow soon).

  • Infrastructure as Code:
    Custom, security-focused Ansible scripts are used to reliably deploy, harden, configure and maintain our NEAR systems.

  • Closely monitored:
    A custom high-availability Prometheus cluster monitors our infrastructure and routes alerts to our on-call sysadmin team via redundant routes, ensuring excellent visibility of our infrastructure and prompt incident response.