[Official Thread] Chorus One

Chorus One is a fully remote, Swiss-based company (AG) focused on staking services and operating infrastructure for decentralized networks. We were among the first teams to focus on this vertical with the ultimate goal to help token holders to participate, earn rewards, and help them shape the network they are invested in.

We believe that the validator role goes beyond purely operating infrastructure required to continuously and securely participate in consensus. We started out as one of the genesis validators on Cosmos in 2018 and have since been active in protocol development and design decisions, governance discussions, building tooling, and generating awareness and educating the space about networks we are working with. We see ourselves as part of the network’s ecosystem and aim to contribute in any way that helps the success of the protocols we support.

General Information

  • Organization Name: Chorus One
  • Official Website: https://chorus.one
  • Location: Switzerland / Remote
  • Languages: Mostly English, team members speak a variety of languages including German, French, Polish, Hindi,…

Communication Channels

NEAR-specific Content

Technical Information:

  • Staking Pool Address: chorusone.poolv1.near
  • Fees: 8%
  • Infrastructure: Our infrastructure is designed to be secure, highly available and redundant. Based upon a high-availability Kubernetes cluster, our infrastructure spans five datacenters in two European countries, and two distinct vendors and as such is tolerant of failure of a complete datacenter, or vendor. Our team of dedicated and experienced Platform Engineers, previously employed by organisations including Facebook and the UK Government, bring a wealth of experience in developing and operating sophisticated infrastructure scaling, key management, disaster recovery, monitoring and alerting solutions.