[Official Thread] Certus One

image   Certus One NEAR Validator

Certus One is a validation company focused on technical excellence and deep understanding of the select few blockchain networks we validate.

We won multiple incentivized testnet competitions, including Cosmos Game of Stakes, and have identified dozens of high-severity vulnerabilities in and contributed code to various chains.

We believe that PoS networks can only become truly decentralized by democratizing the knowledge and tooling required to run secure and resilient nodes . As such, we open source most of our internal tooling and wrote a Knowledge Base for validator operations - for NEAR, this includes https://github.com/certusone/near_exporter.

We are currently building a novel key management solution SignOS and a purpose-built server operating system that will make it much easier to operate bare-metal validator infrastructure. We will release all of that as open source software that anyone can use.

Our staking revenue is fully reinvested in projects that further the state of art in the ecosystem. Our founders are the lowest-paid employees. Certus One is an independent company with no outside investors and four employees. We are based in Germany.

If you have any questions, contact us through this thread, our website or Telegram: https://t.me/certusone. Any updates regarding our NEAR validator will be posted here.

You’re certusone.poolv1.near, right?