[Official Thread] Blockdaemon: blockdaemon.poolv1.near

Blockdaemon is the most battle-tested node provider for 20+ PoS protocols allowing for an easy way to get competitive yields on your staking investments while minimizing risk. Our experience running nodes on every major network has led us to develop market leading tooling to help reduce risk of downtime. Stake for FREE on our public validator or run your own dedicated validator node.


Secure Validator Nodes: All of our nodes — from our public validator node to dedicated deployments — follow NEAR’s recommendations to deploy with a layer of sentry nodes to prevent against DDoS attacks, keeping our nodes running and participating in network consensus.

Monitoring, Alerting, and Automatic Healing: Blockdaemon Monitoring includes core machine-level metrics — CPU load, bandwidth, available disk space, memory — as well as blockchain specific metrics like peer counts, block height, transaction pools. Blockdaemon automatically monitors, repairs and replaces nodes where protocol-level errors may occur. When protocol updates are required, we make sure to apply them in advance so you see no disruption of service.

Dedicated Staff and Direct Access: Blockdaemon staff are active participants in the NEAR community. We’re dedicated to delivering the best performance, security, and developer experience, and we’re always here to help.

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Technical Information:

  • Staking Pool Address: blockdaemon.poolv1.near
  • Fees: 10%
  • Infrastructure: Blockdaemon is committed to democratizing node-operations by providing simple tooling to connect to blockchains and to participate in consensus. Spectrum of tools ranges from fully-managed services and monitoring solutions for custodians, exchanges and financial institutions to high-performance, multi-protocol APIs. Blockdaemon is ISO-27001 and SOC-2 compliant, with $500mm+ in token value staked in POS nodes. Blockdaemon’s self-healing nodes provide best-in-class uptime, and have deployed over 1,000 full nodes – the most battle-tested in the node infrastructure industry.