[October 2021] DAO Records Project opportunity: help us with the code translation

Hi Sandboxer,

If you are reading this it means you are here early. Like really early, and you are not going to regret it!!

Today is the day you have your chance to build the tools of the future music industry ecosystem together with the NEAR protocol!
If you are a programmer (and a die-hard liberalist) who aspires to enable musicians to harness the power of the blockchain revolution, you are the one we need!

As the NEAR ecosystem is flourishing, so are the projects enabling the new creator economy. We are happy to announce our collaboration with DAOrecords. DAOrecords is the groundbreaking NFT project where musicians can create their own Web3 record label and connect with investors and fans. It gives artists full control of their revenue by using Vault technology.
Simply put, Vault technology is the derivative “container” where an artist deposits their NFT and the vault holds it securely while the artist contributes to the liquidity pool by using the token produced by Vault in exchange for the deposited NFT. In this way, artists have some asset value (backing asset) to backe their token as an artist. Otherwise, they can simply use it to hold the value. This dynamic is one step ahead of the blockchain-based music industry’s existence. Do you want to be a part of the movement that brings the new creator economy for artists home? Apply now! Becoming a part of the NEAR ecosystem, DAOrecords seeks to incorporate all technologies built on NEAR, integrate the token launching, and other cool tools.

By now, DAOrecords has a variety of Vaults on Ethereum. The core element that is missing is the implementation of Vault to NEAR. If we can break it through, we will be able to incorporate the other pieces as well.

We are looking for experienced developers to translate Ethereum Vault smart contracts written in Solidity to one of the NEAR-related programming languages (RUST, Assembly (Solidity) to the NEAR language (Rust or AssemblyScript).

The reward: 200 USD per one translated contract

:fire:Deadline for the call: 20th October :fire:

Let’s profit from the robustness of NEAR technology and bring the music industry to the whole new level! Do not waste a second and contact me to discuss the further steps!



Hey. Would love to contribute here.

Plz, guide me on the next steps to go through the existing code and unit-test framework.
Plz contact on discord(mukul#5091) or telegram(@mukul9971).


Hi Mukul, contacted you via TG

Hello, Im an experienced solidity dev who is passionate about music and blockchain tech. I would love to help out here if possible.

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Hi AnaNastya,

I would like to join the project.

Let me know the next steps via my discord id, Santhosh#0320

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I’m a developer and will want to contribute to this awesome idea.
You can reach me via Telegram: Contact @israel_igboze (my telegram handle)

Hi, thank you for your attention to the task. We found a person for the role. We will keep you updated about the new projects :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, I’m new to blockchain, experienced angular and firebase front end developer. Would like to learn when build with blockchain.

Hi, welcome on board! The deadline for the project was 20th October.
Looking forward for the future collaborations with you :slight_smile:
Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions

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That’s true!?

Hi, could you please elaborate a bit on what is the issue? Not clear for me now :cry: